5 Best Water-Based Air Purifier by Smart Review Lab

5 Best Water-Based Air Purifier by Smart Review Lab

We are in a myth that air pollution is just something that occurs outside but the actual thing is air inside the home is more allergic. The reasons could be many: spores, dust, allergens, dust mites, and cough & sneeze particles. In this situation, purchasing an air-purifying system may look expensive as well as unnecessary. But there is a solution to everything.

What if you can buy something at the maximum discount possible? Yes, saving money and time always looks convenient without compromising with the quality. In this post, we’re going to learn about water-based air purifiers and they fit well in this air-purifying scenario. A water air purifier is a member of the air purifier family that gives an electric charge to all the particles present in the air and attracts the charged particles to the filter with an opposite charge.

Indoor air contaminants are the main sources of allergies and asthma. The water air purifier is a feasible solution to stay away from these particles. And this little thing also helps to make living in a clean, refreshing, and fragranced air possible. So, what kind of air-purifiers are good. When you type in for the best product on Google, say ‘PCO air purifier Amazon’, you only get to know about that particular product. But, it is important to know the other best options as well. Let us find out some of the best products with this water air purifier review.

Top 5 Water-Based Air Purifier 2020


U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer and Room Revitalizer

        • -Coverage area
        • -Multi-colored LED.
        • -Neutralize odors.
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EcoGecko 2 Units Little Squirt Glowing Water

    • -Compact size.
    • -Works longer.
    • -Soft-sound.
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New Comfort LED Water Multi-use Air Purifier

      • -Color options.
      • -Removes odor.
      • -Effectiveness.
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EcoGecko 75518 Little Squirt Air Cleaner

    • -Professional use.
    • -Dual-powered.
    • -Remover allergens.
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Rainbow Air Freshener Rainmate Purifier Aromatizer

  • -All in one.
  • -Microscopic.
  • -Long working time.
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  1  U.S. JACLEAN Room Revitalizer

U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer and Room Revitalizer

Aroma diffuser & Air Purifier can turn any room into a personal oasis. This room revitalizer and aromatizer is a top-selling water filter air purifier. The product is based on a motorized rotating system. A simple and handy solution for cleansing the environment in your living space. All you have to do is tap some water in this aromatic air washer and plug it in. Now let this revitalizer do its job. It will trap the air in, add moisture and humidity, and grab the particles, and infuse the air with scents. In this process, it washes all the trapped air. At last, it releases the air back to the room. You must change the water in about 8 hours.

This air purifier with water filtration features multi-colored LED lights and a white noise machine that generates a peaceful environment by blocking disruptive noises. This device is 7 inches tall. It comes with 3 antibacterial scented aroma oil bottles. These aroma oils are mood lighting and provide a peaceful effect on your body and mind. The moving water in the filter and the rotating stem generates over 50 decibels of noise. Overall this aromatic air washer by U.S. JACLEAN refreshes the air impressively.


Coverage area: It covers up to 700 square feet of space.

Multi-colored LED: Multi-colored LEDs create a calming atmosphere at night.

Neutralize odors: This air purifier with water filtration removes unpleasant odors and adds a soothing aromatic fragrance in the room.

Remove allergens: Aroma Globe is effective in removing suspended allergens.

Easy to clean: The plastic base of this air washer makes it easy to clean.

Warranty & Guarantee: The water globe air purifier comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day guarantee.


Always-on indicator: The LED in it cannot be turned off.

Noisy: It is loud and makes a vibrating noise.

No-switches: It doesn’t have an on/off switch.

  2  EcoGecko Air Revitalizer

EcoGecko 2 Units Little Squirt Glowing Water

Two is better than one. This item holds two units of the little squirt air revitalizer. The product is designed very sharply with a color black and whirling water in the base. It features a blue light, 45 decibels noise level, and 5 inches height. It creates a sense of calmness in the environment with white noise.

The machine will pull the air into the vortex of water. The water filters the air by trapping all the pollutants and releases fresh and moist air in the room. It comes with a 10 ml lavender oil bottle to add in it for eliminating the obnoxious odors and re-energize the air.

For cleaning this air revitalizer, simply dump the water out of this and add the freshwater along with oil. The EcoGecko oils are recommended for these units because they are specifically produced for EcoGecko Air Aromatizers. The size is ideal for office spaces, bathrooms, and other small areas.


Compact size: The size is small and can be used in cars as well as office rooms.

Works longer:The motor works for more than 24 hours.

Soft-sound: It makes a soft waterfall sound and it’s not as noisy as in the other competitive devices.

USB support: Along with a standard outlet, it supports USB ports too.

Value for money: It works as complete value for money.


Rough motor: The motor may work a bit rough.

Fan speed: The fan doesn’t blow hard enough.

Always-on lighting: You cannot turn it’s light off.

  3  New Comfort LED Water Air Purifier

New Comfort LED Water Multi-use Air Purifier

It is a multi-tasking air purifier. Though it is quite similar to the Rainbow Rainmate, it is still a bit more advanced. It does away with the Rainmate air purifier problems. This comes in a size of 10 inches and runs with a machine. Committing the task of an air purifier, air humidifier, air revitalizer, air deodorizer, air sanitizer, aromatherapy, and spreading fragrance over the room, it provides a water bath to the air.

Fill the water bowl and add scents. Yes, it is this simple. The water swirls around on the surface and the air that is pulled inside gets purified by the water. It doesn’t leave any sort of containment in the air. It features 5-gallons water bowl and has a guideline on how much water you need to pour in it. It keeps working in the background quietly. It has 2 switches on the base. One for the power and other for the lighting. The light button has a color cycle around it, it will illuminate the color of light you choose. It sanitizes the air which helps prevent skin allergies. You can also add any other fragrance to it.


Color options: It provides 7-color options.

Removes odor: It neutralizes the annoying odors.

Effectiveness: It works smartly with the dust, smoke, and pollutant particles.

Capacity: It can hold up to 5-gallons of water and hence, covers a large area.

Easy to clean: It is easy to use and clean.


Fragrance not included: The fragrance to be used in it is sold separately.

Only water-soluble oils: Essential oils cannot be used in this machine.

Pet-odors: This water air cleaner doesn’t control pet odors.

  4  EcoGecko Little Squirt Air Cleaner

EcoGecko 75518 Little Squirt Air Cleaner

An appealing fresh air feeling is offered by this little squirt air cleaner by EcoGecko. This silver-colored air revitalizer is a smaller version of water-based air purifiers. The product has a handy size of 5 inches in height and 4.25 inches in diameter. It features a blue LED light for a soft illumination at night. This blue shimmering light swirls into the water. The air cleaner is powered by USB or AC adapter. Plug into a USB port or use the AC wall plug to the wall outlet. The single charge circle can run up to 24 hours. It covers up to 600 square feet. You can add an aroma oil or other air purifier liquid to freshen up your space. It comes with the lavender-scented oil. It is the best air purifier that uses water.

To purify the room-air, fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of aroma oil or essential oil, and turn the freshness on. The fan in it sucks the air from the room and then the air gets pushed through the scented water which traps the unwanted particles and removes the unpleasant smells. Environment-friendly fresh air is released into the room. It removes the common household air pollutants like dust, dirt, allergens, etc.


Professional use: This water filtration air purifier can be used in offices.

Dual-powered: You can use an AC adapter or USB port to charge this.

Remover allergens: It makes a big difference in terms of removing allergies.

Adjustable output level: You can adjust the air’s output level from the settings.

Warranty: The product has a one-year warranty.


Light too bright: The light is too bright to use in the bedroom at night and cannot be turned off.

Not for a larger room: It covers only small rooms.

Limited use: It doesn’t remove smoke extracts.

  5  Rainbow Air Freshener Rainmate Purifier

Rainbow Air Freshener Rainmate Purifier Aromatizer

When it comes to water-based air revitalizer, this Air Freshener Rainmate Purifier Room Filter from Rainbow is showing up with a next-generation air purifying. The product is of a size of 9 inches and covers around 500 square feet. It features 120 volts shaded-pole motors. This is an all in one water air filter system that purifies, humidifies, aromatizes, deodorizes, and removes stench.

Rainmate offers a range of air purifiers, but this one is the latest upgraded version. It comes in a black color that looks stunning. As the older version had an option of low light and high light, this version lets you use this device without light too. There is an on/off button for the LED. This is also useful as a nightlight accessory with two settings. It makes a quiet hum sound and stops the extra noise. With humidity and static electricity, it uses moisture to clean and purify the air.

It holds a motor on the top that sucks the air through the vent and the agitator in it pulls the dust through the water. During this process, the unwanted particles get trapped in the water and a fine mist is released back in the room. The product has a 1-year warranty.


All in one: It features all the qualities that an air revitalizer must-have.

Microscopic: This water air filter system removes small particles such as smoke extracts.

Long working time: The motor based system makes it work for several hours.

Filter-free operations: It provides filter-free operations.

Dual-setting: It features low and high mode.

Triple-positioning: It can run while emitting light or without it.


Loud: The motor in it makes it a bit noisy.

Short-lived fragrance: The fragrance may last only up to 4-5 hours.

Less coverage: This works great but only in a small room.

Buying Guide For Best Water Air Purifier

To freshen and clean the air around you, an air purifier is an apt device. But not all air purifiers are the best. Keeping a few features in mind when you are going to buy a water-air purifier helps in securing the best buy:

Purpose of buying

You must always know where you are going to keep this. For office rooms, for bedrooms, for living rooms, or bathrooms.

Area to be purified

Though water air purifiers are mostly smaller in size while buying one you must check if the purifier is big enough to cover the area that you are buying it for.


Most of the water-air purifiers come with a LED light in it. Check the brightness level. If you are a person who doesn’t want too bright light at night, find a purifier that has a switch to turn off the light or dim the light. Besides, if you like lighting in your room, you can opt for an air purifier with a bright light.

Odor control

An air purifier must control and neutralize the odor. If you or someone in your home smokes, or you have pets in your home, go for the one that controls odor.


Since this air revitalizer collects all the dirt like a magnet, you will have to wash it often. Opt for the one which is easy to wash.

White noise

When you are about to get a water air purifier, make sure it isn’t too loud. It must make a pleasant humming sound that blocks the extra disrupting noise.


Q1. How does the water-air purifier work?

A1. Water has always been effective in cleaning and cleansing things. We use water to scavenge almost all the things. This water air purifier works on the same principle. It clings all substances. An air purifier works the following way:

The air purifier sucks the polluted air inside the machine and slams it into the water surface.

The air is now pushed into the inner chamber of the machine called cleaner. The air revitalizer creates a rainstorm effect by swirling the air purifier water. It makes the particles stick to the water.

Through the electrostatic charge, the air is now being pushed.

At last, the clean air is released back to the room.

Q2. What water to use in an air purifier?

A2. All types of air purifiers generally require water. When it is being asked what water should be used in an air purifier, the answer will be obvious: only the freshwater. You can’t put water with contaminants in it. If the water being used inside is already polluted, it won’t be able to clean the air. Since the freshwater sucks the pollutants and traps them in the purifier, it is necessary to change the water when it gets polluted. So only the freshwater must be used in an air cleaner using water.

Q3. How to keep a water air purifier clean?

A3. The water surface collects the allergens and bacteria from the air. To keep the air purifier using water clean, you must change the water regularly. And if the water is visibly polluted, you must change it immediately. Apart from changing the water, you must clean and wash the purifier once or twice a week, depending on the amount of dust in your home. Different types of air purifiers accumulate a different amount of dirt over a particular period. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions or use a standard method for it.

Q4. How to replace a living air water purifier filter?

A4. Living air-water purifiers are used as personal air purifiers for home use. All the air purifiers require regular cleaning whether they are general air purifiers, water-based air revitalizers, or living air-water purifiers.

In the case of a living air purifier, the owner provides the manual with explained instructions on how to change the filter. However, the process is described below to have a general assessment:

Turn off the living air water purifier.

Unscrew the filter from it.

Install the replacement mask.

The process is simple and easy. You just have to buy the replacement filter of the same brand and can do it yourself without needing any professional assistance.

Q5. Why spray indoor plants with water?

A5. Indoor plants themselves can absorb all the toxic and harmful substances from the air, most efficiently in the enclosed spaces that don’t have a lot of space. These plants require mist because the plants are humidity lovers. They require moisture. Without spraying the indoor plants, they may wilt. There is a culture of using a spray bottle to mist the indoor plants.

Moreover, doing so may not impressively raise humidity and moisture as this raises the humidity for a short period. Hence, spraying the plants regularly is recommended. You must spray the indoor plants from below so that the moisture settles on the soil. The indoor plants then keep purifying the air all the time.

Q6. How to clean water air purifier?

A6. It is imperative to clean your air purifier to maintain its quality and efficiency. However, not every machine has the same cleaning solution. For cleaning your water air purifier, you must first follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the standard steps for cleaning air purifier are almost the same as:

Turn off and unplug

For safety issues, the first step to clean an electric device is to turn it off and unplug from the power source. As water and electricity are a deadly combination. So, unplug your air purifier before cleaning it.

Remove cap

Depending on your machine, release or unscrew the top.

Remove fan

Almost all air purifiers feature a fan. It cleans the air by blowing, so it captures dirt. It’s important to clean the fan for constant fresh air supply.

Wipe off the top

These parts aren’t made to be rinsed off, you can wipe it off by a wet towel or tissue.

Clean water bowl

While cleaning the purifier, wash the water bowl with some soapy water and rinse it off with fresh water.

Wash the stem

This is as necessary as the fan. The stem may contain most of the dirt. Wash and clean it carefully and thoroughly.

Let it dry

The recommended method for drying an air-purifier is the sun. The UV radiation from the sun will kill all the germs, bacteria, and allergens. If not sun, use air dry at a high-temperature setting.

Assemble back together

The final step is to put all the parts back and plugin. Make sure you have assembled all the parts in the right manner.


Living in a safe environment is important. Anyone looking to have clean and fragrant air around them will find this device a great solution to their problem. The water air purifiers re-energize the air around you by revitalizing, deodorizing, purifying, humidifying, and sanitizing.

These simple and compact air purifiers are designed to benefit the people who own pets and minimize the pet-odor at home, smoke or live with smokers, work in exhausted space, or suffer from asthma and allergies.

Water air purifiers have their pros and cons. Since they are more affordable than air purifiers, they are not as efficient. They have no filters and are easy to use, clean, and maintain. These types of air purifiers do not cover a large area, however, they are effective in small rooms. They require daily maintenance in the form of changing water. The device also provides aromatherapy.

So, when you are looking for light air revitalization, these water-based air purifiers are worth the purchase. We tried our best to shortlist some of the top-rated ones to serve them as a buying guide. You just need to find your perfect fit from our water-based air purifier review.

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