5 Best Walk Behind Leaf-Vacuums by Smart Review Lab

5 Best Walk Behind Leaf-Vacuums by Smart Review Lab

As fall time arrives, so does the daunting chore of refinement. When the fallen leaves creep up in your lawn, the burden of conservancy takes place. The burden increases when you don’t have enough equipment to resist that. Fortunately, there are giant options of appliances that change this onus to a streamlining chore.

While there are different types of vacuums for cleaning your yard, a walk-behind leaf-vacuum depletes your frustration and helps you with the stress-free operations. It’s a consummate feeling to find a single mage product for all your chores, but the reality begs to differ. Different chores demand different appliances.

Though there are three types of lawn vacuums, walk-behind is the best pick if you have a large area with fallen leaves or you want to get the task done the easiest. The walk-behind vacuums can make your cleaning as easy as just pushing an empty stroller in Walmart.

Buying Guide for Walk-behind leaf-vacuum

To buy a perfect walk-behind leaf vacuum, considering the following points is advised:

Power speed

The speed of your walk-behind vacuum sweeper will indicate the power of suction. You can find the vacuums at various speeds. Choose a leaf-vacuum with variable speed to have more control over chores.


A walk-behind leaf-vacuum that features vacuuming, blowing, and mulching at the same time is considered the best choice. Choose an all-rounder if you want to save storage space and your hard-earned money.

Turbine technology

Many push leaf vacuums may have turbine technology as an addition. The turbine technology means that the leaf-vacuum has a power-boost. When you enable the power boost, it will supply more power when required to get the heavy jobs done. Such vacuums will have low and high power modes to use at your convenience.

Suction capacity

Check the MPH and CFM in the product description. These are the two measurements for checking the efficiency of a leaf-vacuum. Most vacuums run between 110 to 180 MPH and the high-quality reaches 250 MPH. The CFM ranges are available from 150 to 600. A 200 CFM will be good enough for cleaning your home lawn.

Disposable bags

One of the important points to remember is to make sure that the leaf-vacuum must have disposable bin bags. The reusable bags will likely be housing germs and bacteria. It will also be problematic when it starts stinking.

Shoulder strap

Look for a leaf-vacuum with shoulder straps. Without a shoulder strap, you may feel troubled carrying it here and there. With a shoulder strap, you will have hassle-free operations.


You are supposed to push a leaf-vacuum all around your lawn. If it is heavy, it may exhaust you. Try opting for a lightweight walk-behind leaf-shredder vacuum so that your vacuuming chores get done easily.

5 Best Walk-behind Leaf Vacuums

A look at the above guidelines would help in understanding a few things that an ideal walk-behind leaf blower should have. Following these basics, we have researched a few best leaf vacuums out there on the market. Here are the top-rated five models of walk-behind leaf-vacuum that vary in functions, size, power, and price and can get the job done by cutting your time spent in vacuuming the yard.


Remington RM2BL Ambush 27cc Full Crank

        • -Powerful
        • -Ergonomic design.
        • -Greater control.
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WORX WG505 Electric TriVac

    • -Lightweight.
    • -Ideal mulching.
    • -Adjustable.
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Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

      • -Battery status indicator.
      • -Cordless.
      • -Shoulder bag.
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Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower

    • -Grip.
    • -Changing modes.
    • -Jumpstart.
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Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red

  • -Quick-release latch.
  • -Variable speed.
  • -Easy offload.
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  1  Remington Ambush Leaf Blower

Remington RM2BL Ambush 27cc Full Crank

Remove the heavy leaf accumulation from your yard with this Remington 2-cycle Gas Leaf-vacuum. For the blowing and vacuuming functions, this product is gas-powered with a high-velocity engine. The airflow speed can be drawn up to 205 mph with a hefty rate of 450 CFM. It has the variable speed trigger to change the suction as per needs. You can also use cruise control for locking it at the right speed for the job. It helps control blowing dry leaves and focuses on difficult spots.

It can clear leaves, sand, and gravel along with other debris in your yard. The unit is 12.58 pounds in weight but thanks the shoulder strap support for making it feel light. The mulcher is a great help to reduce the amount of debris of 10 bags to one. Also, it has a disposable bin bag. The efficient 27cc full crank engine works great with heavy duties.


Powerful: The 27cc engine and 205mph wind speed clear all the leaves, debris, and sand in seconds.

Ergonomic design: The ergonomic design gives you a firm grip while blowing all the leaves away.

Greater control: The engine has been designed to vibrate less which gives great control over the device and helps in faster blowing.

Quick start: The machinery has a quick start technology that saves time by getting to work instantly.

Lightweight: This push-behind leaf vacuum is quite lightweight which makes it convenient for anybody to use.

Fuel indicator: The translucent tank lets you know in advance when to refuel so that you don’t run out of it.


Difficult to detach: While changing the mode, it is difficult to attach and detach the blower/vacuum.

Bladeless: It doesn’t feature a blade for mulching.

Warranty: The manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty.


  2  WORX Electric TriVac Mulcher

WORX WG505 Electric TriVac

The WORX Mulcher is the expedient triple threat for the leaves and debris in your yard. It’s well-equipped with a conversion switch that lets you switch the modes among a vacuum, a blower, and a mulcher with just one flip. This quick function runs without the trouble of changing tubes and attachments.

The best part about this walk-behind mulcher is you don’t have to pay dollars for a three-in-one service. Being less expensive, it still provides power and ease for efficient chores.

The 12V electric motor disappears piles of leaves in just less than a minute.

The vacuum mode generates 350 CFM airflow, and the high impact impeller mulches the leaves up to 1/10 of their original size. The bag capacity is 1.2 bushes which makes it handy.

Meanwhile, the dual-speed function delivers extra power and control whenever required. This model is a prolific option for clearing deck, yards, driveway, and small lawns.


Lightweight: The device is quite lightweight and makes it operable even with one hand.

Ideal mulching: The mulch ratio of 16:1 is the most effective.

Adjustable: The airflow rate can be adjusted for maximum performance.

Affordable: You will find this vacuum blower the least expensive than other standard vacuums.

Power performance: The 12-amp motor can deliver power performance up to 250 mph.


Overload: It tends to clog easily.

Mulching function: You can’t turn the mulcher off while vacuuming.

Carrying-comfort: It doesn’t feature shoulder straps.


  3  Greenworks Cordless Leaf Vacuum

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

When you don’t want to be held back by the cord or maybe you don’t like gas-fumes, check out this option. This cordless battery-powered variable speed leaf-vacuum and leaf-blower allow you to roam freely all-around your lawn. The brushless motor offers more torque and greater power. The kit includes an impressive 40V 4Ah battery that is easy to start and quiet when running. The vacuum won’t tire you because it’s quite lightweight.

The blowing speed is maximum at 185 mph and is strong enough to vacuum wet leaves as well. You can select the speed as it comes with a variety of 6-speeds. The device is best used on both the hard surface and grass. As we all are fans of GreenWorks’ powerful equipment, this blower vacuum is yet another beast for stress-free operations. This walk-behind leaf blower vacuum is considered to be one of the best.


Battery status indicator: The battery status indicating light will let you know when to charge.

Cordless: You will have the freedom to take it anywhere while vacuuming, it isn’t bound with a cord.

Shoulder bag: It contains a durable snap-on shoulder bag.

High-quality charger: It comes with a high-quality charger for longer battery life.

Easy to carry: Being lightweight, it is easy to carry and move around.

Lifespan: The brushless motor reduces the strain and extends the vacuum’s lifespan.


Limited working time: Against corded vacuums, its battery needs recharging over time.

Best for dry leaves: This may not work effectively on wet leaves.

Limited compatibility: It works only with GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Battery models.


  4  Troy-Blit Gas Leaf Blower

Troy-Bilt TB2BV EC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Leaf Blower

Choose the all-clean yard for the price you won’t regret. This is a two-in-one walk-behind yard vacuum from Troy-Blit with a system of blowing and vacuuming. It features a 27cc 2-cycle full crank engine to produce the airflow speed of up to 150 mph. The CFM rate for this device is 450 CFM which allows quick blowing.

10:1 debris reduction is one of the top ratios. The jumpstart engine adds up to its efficiency, you don’t need to pull the cord like other vacuums.


Grip: It features a comfortable hand-grip that minimizes the vibration.

Changing modes: It can be changed from a vacuum to a blower and vice-versa.

Jumpstart: It doesn’t require a cord pull to start.

Useful for corners: The 7-foot vacuum hose takes care of all the corners and narrow passage with ease.

Easy to push: It provides easy-pushing.


Not self-propelled: While it is not difficult to push, it doesn’t propel by itself. The effort would be a little more in this one than in the self-propelled leaf vacuum shredder.

Shoulder strap: It doesn’t feature a shoulder strap.

Vibration: Though the vibration is not excess it’s bearable only up to about an hour.


  5  Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac

Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red

This 3-in-1 cleaning tool is a good deal and practically appealing. The modes; vacuuming, blowing, and mulching makes your chores easy.

This highly-appreciated product delivers power up to 250 mph which is strong enough to work on the wet leaves. The 9 pounds of weight needs to be pushed by both the hands but the ergonomic design makes the task easiest. The 12 amps motor delivers an air volume of 410 CFM. The metal construction drives more power and improves the mulching task. While using the Toro leaf vacuum, walk behind effortlessly and let the machine do the rest.

The Toro 51619 Ultra arrives bundled with plenty of attachments for getting around tight spaces. It comes with two vacuum tubes, a zip-bag, concentrator nozzle, power insert, and cord storage hook.

It has a variable rate of speed and a larger metal impeller for effortless mulching. As the model is corded, you must pick an extension cable too. Another reason that makes it great is its leaf reduction ratio of around 88% which may vary with the type and condition.


Quick-release latch: This feature allows you to change the modes fast and easily.

Variable speed: It has a variable speed for good control while switching between various modes.

Easy offload: This provides ease in emptying the bin bag.

Debris reduction: It can reduce up to 88% debris to <½”.

Corners and crevices: This leaf-vacuum works well in crevices and corners too.


No extension cable: Since it is electric, you may have to buy the extension cable to reach out to the power source.

Small size: The size is small, so it is less convenient for taller people.

Zipper storage: The plastic bag drags if it’s full while vacuuming and doesn’t hold much material, you may have to offload it often.


Q1. Which leaf vacuum is best?

A1. The best walk-behind leaf vacuum must help combat fallen leaves along with the debris and other waste from the yard. And nothing like the one that can be easily converted between leaf-vacuum, leaf-blower, and mulcher. Keeping a few more things in mind helps secure the best pick out there.

Vacuuming & blowing power

The main feature of leaf-vacuum is vacuuming. How much air the vacuum can take in is measured in CFM (Cubic feet per minute), and the time of operation is measured in MPH (Miles per hour). The ideal combination relies on the nature of chores.

Mulcher reduction ratio

The most effective mulcher reduction ratio is either 10:1 or 16:1.

Conversion switch

For converting the function, the best option is conversion switches rather than different attachments.

Q2. How do leaf vacuums work?

A2. A leaf vacuum works by sucking leaves into the vacuum bag or hopper. The motor used in leaf vacuums produces airflow through the machine that creates the suction. There is a high-speed fan linked to the exhaust pipes. It has an attached vacuum-bag for taking all the leaves in. Additionally, if a vacuum has a mulcher with built-in shredders as a function, the provided blades will cut the debris into tiny pieces. The walk-behind electric leaf-vacuum is easy to handle and lightweight. And the battery-powered ones need a timely charge.

Q3. Do leaf-vacuums work on wet leaves?

A3. Yes, leaf-vacuum works on wet leaves but only if you know the technique. When the leaves are soaked, it is advisable to allow them to dry. The water makes the leaves heavier. Usually, vacuuming becomes grueling due to excess water. To get the work done, you need a powerful blower vacuum as the force required will be greater. Moreover, you will require a structural balance because you cannot damage the underneath leaves.

Q4. Can you vacuum your lawn?

A4. You have probably heard the three-steps of taking care of your lawn:

1. Mowing,

2. Fertilizing, and

3. Watering.

But what about vacuuming? You might have rarely heard this advice to pick up the waste from your lawn.

Plenty of waste can be found on your lawn such as grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, harbor pests, and other debris that increases weed and thatch. Also, they stop the required sunlight for your lawn.

The only solution is to remove them by vacuuming. Lawn vacuums are an effective solution to maintain your lawn’s glibness.

Q5. How do you vacuum artificial grass?

A5. The artificial grass also requires our efforts for cleanliness. If you are wondering about vacuuming artificial grass for removing debris faster, it depends on two factors:

No land infill

If your lawn doesn’t have any infill, you can vacuum it in the same as the real grass. Use a self-propelled lawn vacuum to get the job done effortlessly.

Land infill

If your lawn has infill and vacuuming is done repeatedly, it can reduce the suction power of the vacuum which can loosen the synthetic turf.

To keep your artificial grass neat and tidy, you must try the other alternatives first. Raking or sweeping will show much better results against vacuuming.

Q6. Will a leaf vacuum pick up grass?

A6. Yes, the leaf vacuum can pick up the grass easily. The leaf-vacuum for sale these days comes with 3-in-1 functionality and can effectively pick the grass as well as tree twigs.

Moreover, the leaf-vacuums are made to pick the leaves and hence, are not as powerful as grass vacuums, so you are advised to rake the grass into piles first before vacuuming.

Q7. How do you keep fake grass clean?

A7. Fake grass can stay lush and green all year-round. For keeping it clean, you don’t need mowing or fertilizing. Simply follow the steps to keep it clean:

Step 1: Brush the grass

Start from the corners of your garden and brush across one side. Repeat the step in your entire lawn and brush in strips. Use a plastic brush instead of the metal one as not to harm the grass.

Step 2: Get rid of leaves

The next step is to blow all the leaves towards a corner. Leaves make it difficult for the grass to stay clean.

Step 3: Remove weeds

Use a water-based weed killer with a maximum pH balance of 8. When they die, make sure to remove them.

Step 4: Fill in turf with a sand

Take the broom now, and brush the sand in. Distribute it evenly over the entire space of your lawn. Make sure there is no excess sand left. Leave it for one or two hours before walking on it.

Q8. How do I stop my artificial grass from smelling?

A8: Artificial grass often faces problematic odors. You can stop it from smelling by cleaning it with a vinegar-water solution or an eco-friendly soap.

General odor prevention

To dilute the general odors and animal urine, rinse your grass every week. This will also help you keep your lawn tidy by removing dust and pollens. Depending on pollution and pet-dander, you may need to rinse it frequently.

Deodorize your grass

If your artificial grass is still smelling after rinsing. This simply means that it needs more glibness:

Use the solution of eco-friendly soap. Scrub the problem area with the sponge dipped in the solution. Use a sponge mop for a larger outdoor area. Rinse off after the process. Mops are not to be used indoors as they may carry germs.

Spray a vinegar-water solution to the affected area. Allow it to soak. Then, rinse it off. Vinegar can neutralize odors.

For the extreme odor control, apply an eco-friendly enzymatic cleanser that is specifically designed for artificial grass. Use this when the first two solutions don’t work.


It may be a difficult task to decide on purchasing a walk-behind leaf-vacuum. The variety is wide and many of them have a whole range of different functions and functional combinations. But a great purchase will have all three features in one, i.e., blowing, vacuuming, and mulching. A walk-behind lawn vacuum mulcher will help you save your space as well as dollars.

Apart from this, pick a power source compatible with your lawn size. Different models have different specifications. Be sure about your requirements and get a walk-behind leaf-vacuum that matches your lawn style. Another thing to consider is to wear protective gear such as goggles and ear defenders to avoid eye and ear damage.

And as experts say, use a vacuum on a modest number of leaves because if you use it on a large pile, it may clog. The limit will increase the longevity of the machine and you can have it at your disposal for years to come.

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