7 Best Solar Lights in 2020 Review by Smart Review Lab

7 Best Solar Lights in 2020 Review by Smart Review Lab

Connecting to nature is always a superb idea. Anything that is given by nature is more reliable. And with the Sun being the biggest natural reserve, tapping its energy comes naturally to us all. The best way to tap the sun’s energy is in the form of light, popularly known as solar lighting.  Solar, in simple terms, denotes sun and lightning means to provide light. Solar light is the light that is generated by the sun’s energy. 

Now think about your refulgent atrium at all times by incurring only a one-time cost. Sounds exciting? Thank the solar light. Solar lights are in great demand today due to its durability and high efficiency. And with this surge in demand, the supply is also varied. Today, markets have numerous options for a simple solar light to double it up as a home decor item too. We have shortlisted some of the best solar lights that are consumer’s favorite as they pay for their worth.

7 Best Solar Lights by Consumer Reports

All of us want to buy the best. And solar lights are trending hard and fast. While there are various options available in the market, we listed 7 best battery powered dusk to dawn night lights. 


SURSUN Solar Lights Outdoor

        • -Easy to Use.
        • -Pocket Friendly.
        • -Warranty.
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Solar Lights Outdoor, 12Pack Solar Garden Lights Stainless Steel

    • -Automatic.
    • -Durability.
    • -Affordable.
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LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof

      • -Dual working mode.
      • -Waterproof.
      • -New energy technology.
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Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights upgraded

    • -Multiple settings.
    • -Brightness.
    • -Highly efficacious.
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Aootek New solar lights 120 Leds upgraded with lights reflector

  • -Brighter.
  • -Efficient charging.
  • -Easy to install.
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URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor

  • -Weather-resistant.
  • -Quality service.
  • -Energy saving.
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URPOWER Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight

  • -Dual-mode.
  • -Weather-resistant.
  • -Stylish design.
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  1  SURSUN Solar Lights

SURSUN Solar Lights Outdoor

Picking up a bundle of 16 pieces of solar light might be a good choice. This product from SURSUN has been made with stainless steel, and beautifully designed maintaining a lightweight. It requires sun power for about 6 to 8 hours to charge and can light up your yard for 8 to 10 hours. Each light features an on/off button on the base, a plastic cover, a pipe, and a spike. First, you have to turn on the button, which can be seen on the base. Then fit the plastic cover and install the pipe. At the end of the pipe, you’ll see the spike, pull it out and install. Solar light is now ready to insert into the soft earth. This solar-powered indoor night light can also be used for landscape, yards, and walkways. 


Easy to Use: Being tiny, this solar work light can be easily installed and 16 LEDs can cover a bigger area.

Pocket Friendly: The LEDs are budget-friendly. You get 16 lights at minimum cost.

Warranty : This solar light offers a 100% guarantee, along with 12 months of warranty. You can ask for a replacement or even for a refund if not satisfied. 

Replaceable Battery: The battery is rechargeable as well as replaceable. 

Weather-resistant: The lights have been made weather-resistant and do not corrode in the rain or snow.


Too Delicate: The product is too delicate. It can break during the installation process, so one has to be very careful while installing them.

Costly replacement: If one of these 16 LEDs broke, you will have to pay more than a new pack, for a single one.

Not as bright: The product is a bit less bright. Being so small, it covers only a small yard.

  2  SUNNEST Solar Lights

Solar Lights Outdoor, 12Pack Solar Garden Lights Stainless Steel

A pack of 12 lights with two color options, this solar light offered by SUNNEST is ideal for garden lighting. It will get charged directly from the sun in the daytime and automatically turns on as it gets dark. It needs no wires or tools to install. Made up of high-quality ABS, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and IP44 waterproofing. The product has a balanced charging and discharging ratio. These solar lights have a specialty of spreading lighting in a star shape. 


Automatic : This solar light doesn’t require human support whenever it needs to turn on and off.

Durability: The material in construction is helpful to protect it from outdoor dust.

Affordable: This solar light is affordable and worthy. A fruitful service at a lesser price. 

Corrosion-resistant: The stainless steel body makes the light stand all harsh weather conditions and not corrode. 

Customer service: The company offers great customer support and if any of the customers have issues regarding its service, they are ready to help out.


Delicate: The solar light strip can get bent by a mild force. Hence, with that delicate structure, one might have to be extra cautious.

Difficult to install: The plastic is very thin and it needs a lot of care and precaution while installing the lights into the ground. 

Very dim: The lights give a very slight glow enough to only light up the ground beneath. This makes them apt for simply lighting up the path as in driveway or garage solar lighting.

  3  Litom 12 LEDs Solar Lights

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof

This solar LED address light from Litom comes with IP76 waterproof technology that sounds good enough. But this one has more to offer: 2 brightness modes, 2-in-1 function, 2 installation modes, availability in 3 colors and a lot more. These solar lights are also certified for its quality by accredited organizations. The productivity of this spotlight doesn’t depend on its location, sunlight intensity or weather in the sunny season. It has a fast reaction to motion detection and the ability to adjust its brightness accordingly. 


Dual working mode: It has 12 hours of low light mode and 6 hours of high-light mode. The automation in it, allows it to change accordingly. 

Waterproof: It carries the best quality of outdoor spotlight. IP67 Waterproof technology lets it withstand all weather conditions.

New energy technology: These solar panels are equipped with the newest technology of energy. 

Installation: It can be inserted into the ground and can also be mounted on the wall. The choice is all yours.

Dual angle adjustment: The light can be adjusted at your preferred angle at either 90 or 120 degrees.


Weak motion detection: The motion sensor of the lights has a shorter range. It only senses when you are pretty close. 

Design: It doesn’t justify being called a spotlight. It is designed like a solar panel and identifies more with it.

Weak charging: It requires a full day of solar power for a full charge but might last just for 2 or 3 hours instead of a whole night.

  4  Aootek Solar Light

Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights upgraded

One of the highly appreciated ultra lambent solar-powered stick-on lighting is from Aootek 182 led. It arrives with a pack of two. This features PIR motion inductor, three-mode options, waterproofing, and highly efficient solar panels. It has an on/off switch on the backside. Each light has 182 LEDs inserted, and a lightning angle of 120°. The product demands the full sunlight electricity to enhance its effect. It is such a quality, that a smart light should hold. They also work great as outdoor table-top solar lights


Multiple settings: This solar light has three modes; security mode (automatic functioning), permanent all night on, and smart brightness control (for extra brightness on motion detection).

Brightness: More LEDs provide more brightness. It can give far more illumination than other lights available in the market.

Highly efficacious: The solar panels are tested to be more energy saviors offering a high conversion rate.

Impressive range: The PIR sensor works from as far as 26 feet, which can be said admirable. 

Lightweight: This solar light is light weighted and easy to carry. 


Switch at the back: It can be a hassle for you if you forgot to turn the switch on before installing it. Or even if you want to change the setting you will have to unscrew it.

Occasionally dim: The light sometimes gets dim. Though it is bright enough for a great view, sometimes, it might disappoint, glowing like stain glass solar lights only.

Less charging ability: If the solar panel was designed straight up, it would have charged more effectively. 

  5  Aootek 120 LEDs Solar Light

Aootek New solar lights 120 Leds upgraded with lights reflector

This is another version of solar lights from Aootek. This comes with a pack of 4 pieces, 120 LEDs each. It has an IP65 rating that is imperative for an outdoor solar panel for protection from water. This product can work all year round. The snow and clouds cannot harm these lights. The light comes with three different modes to choose from. Motion detection time in it is a meager 30 seconds or more, which is a good go. The product has a classic style and high ABS material. 


Brighter: This solar light is brighter than it looks. You might expect a good illumination from it, but you’ll end up receiving the best. 

Efficient charging: It is formulated in such a way that the solar panel directly receives the sun’s power at a perfect angle which helps in efficient charging.

Easy to install: The simplest installation ever. You simply need to hang it on a wall.

Multiple modes: As per your choice, you can select the preferable mode from security mode, permanent on all night mode and the smart brightness control mode.

Quality and quantity: With PET solar panels, it has high efficiency to light up a large area. 


Motion sensor not for driveway: Though the motion detection is helpful and secured in the walkway, it might not be perfect for driveway solar lighting.

Mode selection: The mode selection is at the backside. This becomes frustrating to unscrew the fittings from scratch just because you forgot to switch it on in the first place.

Not adjustable: The lights work very well on a sunny day, but may disappoint a little on a cloudy day for not being too bright resembling those stained glass light bulbs Walmart offers.

  6  URPOWER Solar Light

URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor

These URPOWER Solar Lights are both high on functionality and design. This clip-on outdoor solar lights is the best fit for a yard, deck, garden, and patio. Available in two sizes, these solar cube lights have a long working time. Without any wiring, it captures solar energy in the day and provides lighting at night. A single piece has 8 LEDs in it. While installation, make sure to keep the unit facing south. The solar panels must receive sunlight without any glass or shade. 


Weather-resistant: These solar lights are weather-resistant and can withstand any kind of extreme weather conditions. 

Brighter: The spotlight-styled light beam illuminates the path bright enough in the dark. They work just like the famed Everbright solar-powered lights.

Quality service: If there is any issue with the delivery or the customer is not satisfied with the product itself, the company looks after it and solves the problem as soon as possible. 

Energy saving: These lights automatically turn off in the daytime, to save the energy.

Durable: The solar panel lifespan is 5 years which makes it way durable than its competitors. 

Lasts longer: This has one of the best batteries for solar lights as it can stay put for around 12 hours straight on a full charge.


Motion detection: The motion detection system works fine, but it might fail you sometimes.

No dim mode: This has just two modes, either it is off or it is bright. There is no in-between.

Weak support: The lights have only one mounting hole to fix them. That means a little less support. You might have to add some other support, like tape, to stay them put.

  7  URPOWER 2 IN 1

URPOWER Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight

If you’re looking for something advanced, URPOWER 3rd generation outdoor Solar spotlight is your perfect match. Available in multiple colors, these solar lights are bright enough to light up the darkest corners of your house. They work like those solar powered rope lights Lowes is famous for. It has an effectively rechargeable inbuilt battery. It comes in a pack of two. The design is tempting and a perfect fit for a poolside area. It requires you to switch it on to charge it, so you’re advised to keep it on for automatic charging when the sun is out. Make sure if you are using solar light, you should not use other lights in that area. If you do so, this doesn’t work. This solar light works in all seasons. 


Dual-mode: It is adjustable in high and low light mode. While tapping once it gives you high light, and when you press twice, the light would get dimmer.

Weather-resistant: This solar rechargeable light is all-weather resistant as they are waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant.

Stylish design: It doubles up as a decorative light around the bushes, trees and swimming pools just like solar rope lights Lowes offer. 

Brighter than expectations: This solar spotlight is brighter than you expect it to be and glow as bright as Deneve outdoor string lights

Lasts longer: With a charge of 4-5 hours, these solar lights last for a whopping 8-9 hours in a stretch. 

Complete kit: The purchase package includes every possible hardware you might need during the installation process. 


Weak plastic body: The plastic used in the body of the lights is not UV resistant. This makes them brittle over time.

Water resisting ability: With gradual contact with water over time, it might get dimmer.


Q. What is the use of solar light?

A. The solar lights are majorly used to save money and electricity as they maintain their lighting output over their lifetime without incurring you recurring costs. Additionally, solar light reduces health risks, and carbon emissions as well. The solar panel directly consumes power from the sunlight to charge itself in the day and enlightens the arena in the dark. 

Solar power lights are increasingly in use these days. They can be installed in any area of the house that needs illumination. Be it yard, aisle, patio, porch, or driveway, they are available in varieties to suit every need. While the electricity and fuel rates are getting higher, solar lights are an inexpensive and greener alternative. 

Q. How do solar lights turn on at night?

A. The solar lights are built from photovoltaic cells. These cells consume power from the sun and convert it into electricity. As the environment goes darker, the inbuilt battery in solar panels supplies the energy to the light and it stays illuminated until the battery discharges. The lights also turn off or go dimmest when the daylight appears. They only light up when it’s dark and they have charged themselves in the day. When the sun rays fall on the solar panels of the lights, they automatically start charging themselves, thereby saving your time and effort to take note of their charging.

Q. How much is a solar light?

A. The solar light could be as low as $10 and can cost you as high as $100. Consider a few factors before you visit one of the solar-powered led strip lights suppliers:

  • Which brand you decide to buy;
  • Number of LEDs used in the lights. It determines the level of their illumination;
  • Features like weather-resistance, corrosion-resistance, warranty offered, et al.

Q. How do I calculate how much solar power I need?

A. The amount of solar power needed depends on a few factors:

  • The total area you want to illuminate with the solar panels;
  • How much solar power the batteries can store;
  • How much solar power the solar lights would consume.

The easiest way to calculate it would be to know the required run-time of the solar lights and knowing how much watts they consume every hour and multiply both to find out the requirement. This would help you make an informed decision while buying your ideal solar lights.

Q. How much does a street light cost to install?

A. The cost of street light depends on the range. Four types of street lights can be seen: solar LED halogen, metal halide, fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium. And thus costs may vary. 

Generally, an estimated cost for a pole light is US$2000 to US$3000, which is fair enough. Apart from this, you might have to pay for installation and electrician up to US$1000. If we talk about the highways, the cost will increase by 20% or more. These costs are estimated, it can also vary depending on the lights, quality, area and the company. 

Q. What are the two main disadvantages of solar energy?

A. Undoubtedly, solar energy has been appreciated and highly rated. But it has also been criticized for a few of its limitations.


Yes, it can work on a rainy day, or a cloudy day, but not impressively. This completely depends on the sun and the weather. If you see no sun throughout the whole day, the chances are high that your solar lights wouldn’t get illuminated at night. Apart from this, a direct and clear sun rays is a must, if there is a shade or any distraction like glass it won’t get charged effectively. 


Numerous hazardous materials are a part of the manufacturing process of solar panels and photovoltaic systems. It directly generates pollution. Installation and transportation are associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. The other electric sources are less associated with similar kinds of pollution as compared to solar light. 


Solar LED bulbs are replacing other bulbs and electrical appliances at a great speed. Whether you want an outdoor solar light or an indoor one, the above-listed products have been rated as the best ones by none other than the firsthand consumers. 

Summing up the observations by sharing some of the common pros of all kinds of solar lights mentioned above. These are the most diverse applications available in the market. An invention that can decrease your electricity bill along with the low maintenance cost. This is a renewable energy source and an energy savior. The self-charging makes it more convenient than any other form of battery-operated lights.

To buy the best solar light, considering a few factors would surely help you to make an informed decision. Firstly, it is better to have a weather-resistant solar light, especially if it is meant to be installed outdoors. The brightness needs would decide the LED strength you need in your lights. And lastly, affordability is a necessity in today’s expensive world. Light up your home with the best light out there!

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