7 Best Outdoor Deck Lighting by Smart Review Lab

7 Best Outdoor Deck Lighting by Smart Review Lab

Looking for some innovative solutions for decorating your deck? Sooner, the welcoming summer nights are arriving calling you for ravishing evenings out on your deck: evening outdoor parties with outdoor stereos for decks, entertainment, dinners, or barbecues. For the people who love spending evenings like this and forging new memories on the outside deck, garden, balcony, or atrium; outdoor deck lighting is the wonder-working solution.

But a lack of illumination on your deck is a nightmare. No frustration is bigger than being unable to relax and party with our gang at night. And even if you aren’t a part person, sitting in pitch dark with your family is impractical and unsafe. The outdoor deck lighting can make an opulent phenomenon by adding beauty, urbanity, safety, and security to your home. They allow you to have a few more rejuvenating moments in your favorite outdoor space.

Best Outdoor Deck Lighting

There are dozens of fascinating solar and electric outdoor deck lights in the market with varied features. We have zeroed in some of the best ones to make them serve as a buying guide.


Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor, 2 Modes Solar Led

        • -Waterproof
        • -Dual modes
        • -Easy to install
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Brightown Outdoor String Lights-25Ft G40 Globe Patio Lights

    • -Old-school look.
    • -Relocation.
    • -Area coverage.
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GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Ground Lights, 8 LED Solar

      • -Energy-saving.
      • -Breakage-tested.
      • -Automatic.
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JSOT 12 Pack Solar Powered Deck Lights Wireless Bright

    • -Easy to relocate.
    • -Dual mounting.
    • -Environment-friendly.
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BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless

  • -Motion sensor.
  • -Heat-resistant.
  • -Warranty.
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Otdair Solar Deck Lights, 3 LED Solar Step Lights Outdoor

  • -Durable.
  • -Waterproof.
  • -Easy installation.
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Solar Deck Lights, KASUN Super Bright LED Walkway Light Stainless

  • -Auto charging.
  • -Compact.
  • -Easy to install.
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  1  Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor, 2 Modes Solar Led

Greluna Solar Wall Lights are characterized by a freak conception. These lights have been installed by thousands of people in their patios, yards, and gardens, and made their outdoor space a peculiar place to spend rousing nights with their beloved. They are considered as the best outdoor patio lights.

Talking about the features, these lights are solar-powered and wireless. Them being solar-powered reduces your utility bills. They weigh 2.45 pounds and the dimensions are 3.5 × 2 × 4.5 inches. The style is antique and the shape is square. It takes 1.2 volts and the maximum compatible wattage is 0.1 watts. The lights come with a pack of 8 pieces featuring two lightning modes. These wall lights are made with high-quality ABS material. The battery recharge time is 6 hours, whereas the power supply time is 8 hours. This product has a built-in rechargeable battery. These wall lights are specifically designed for decoration purposes. With this purchase, you will receive 8 solar outdoor wall lights, 16 plastic grooves screws, and friendly customer service by Greluna making it the best deck lighting system.


Waterproof: The ABS material makes it water-resistant and flexible enough to illuminate your garden on a rainy day.

Dual modes: The light produces dual lighting; a warm white, and a multi-colored.

Easy to install: The wirelessness makes its installation easy.

Wide applications: This can add light and colors to your deck, pathways, driveways, front door, garden, backyard, fence, walls, stairs, or any other outdoor area and helps you bring your exterior deck lighting ideas to reality.

Saviour: Being a solar light, it can save you from higher electricity costs.


Battery life: The battery life is short and can work just for up to one month.

Manual: These deck lamps have to be switched on and off manually.

Individual switches: Multiple lights need to be switched on and off individually.

  2  Brightown Outdoor String Lights

Brightown Outdoor String Lights-25Ft G40 Globe Patio Lights

Brightown Outdoor String Lights are wrought to accomplish your deck with an appealing and retro feel. They feature traditional style bulbs but the latest technology prevents them from overheating. The string is 25 feet long containing 25 hanging bulbs, 6 inches lead with plug spaced 12 inches apart, and 6 inch tail with connector. It connects up to 3 strands and extendable up to 432 watts maximum at a time. The product provides 23 of lumens brightness using 5 watts of energy. The lighting appears to be warm white.

These lights are IP44 waterproof and tested against all weather conditions making them the best deck lights. The life of these bulbs is up to 1000 hours. The height and the dimensions of a bulb are 2.7 inches and 1.56 inch respectively. The product pack arrives with 26 × G40 Edison light bulbs and 1 hanging cable with empty sockets. The voltage usage is 125v. Even though these bulbs are powered via plug-in systems, they use LED lighting technology. LEDs can save up to 86% energy compared to a standard light bulb.


Old-school look: The string lights contain Edison light filament, which gives a unique vintage look.

Relocation: These bulbs are easy to install. A cable tie and cup hook allow it to be hung anywhere and relocate.

Area coverage: The 25 feet long string can cover a large area to enlighten.

Safety: UL certified lights are completely safe and the technology used in manufacturing prevents them from overheating.

Dual-use: It is suitable both indoors as well as outdoors.


LED bulbs: Several deck lighting reviews revealed that the LED bulbs don’t last as long as expected.

Wired: Most of the people want their exterior area wireless.

Glass bulbs: With these glass bulbs, you have to be careful.

  3  GIGALUMI Solar Ground Lights

GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Ground Lights, 8 LED Solar

The Gigalumi Solar Ground Lights are waterproof under-deck lighting made to illuminate grounds, landscape, lawn, pathways, yards, and decks. The package includes 8 solar-powered lights to lighten a giant garden. These lights are designed mainly for grass. They are reliable even during garden maintenance or playing in it. These lights can illuminate a path for up to 8 hours or more. The lamp is covered with stainless steel and ABS. These lights are wireless and can be easily installed in any grassland. The base of the lights are intended to be buried in a garden, and that makes it look perfect. Simply turn on the switch under the cap and push the stake into the soil and you’re ready to go. Gigalumi lights automatically turn-on in the dark and turn-off as the sun arrives. For waterproofing, IP65 technology is in place. You can ask for a replacement or a refund within 90 days if you’re not satisfied. It’s a great time in terms of the guarantee. This simply means these lights are durable and qualitative and are much better than the solar-powered deck string lights.


Energy-saving: This solar-powered deck lighting helps you save energy.

Breakage-tested: These lights have been tested with a 100 kg standing body weight. So, they are likely to be unbreakable.

Automatic: These lights turn on and off automatically.

Guaranteed: The exterior deck lighting can be replaced or refunded if it doesn’t satisfy the customer’s desire.

Waterproof: The outside deck lights are completely safe to handle and waterproof.


Battery Charging: Some consumers found difficulty in charging during overcast days.

Solar radiation: This solar outdoor deck lighting requires higher solar radiation.

Weather dependent: The charging and working time are dependent on the weather.

  4  JSOT Solar Deck Lights

JSOT 12 Pack Solar Powered Deck Lights Wireless Bright

The upgraded 0.3W solar panel from JSOT has a higher solar conversion rate than other solar deck lights. These solar lights are appealing to enlighten all types of outdoor areas and staircases. They have low-key panels on the top to be environment-friendly. This thicker version is projected at a 31° angle to perform more impressively than its predecessor. With the charging time of 4 to 6 hours, it stays lit for about 8 to 10 hours at 30 lumens brightness level. It showcases a white light. The solar panel is a 79 × 28.5 mm poly-crystalline. The product dimension is 100 × 82 × 30 mm covered with stainless steel, ABS, and PC material. It requires 1-AAA built-in batteries.


Easy to relocate: These lights are easy to mount and relocate.

Dual mounting: It can be installed with screws or simply stuck with double-sided tape.

Environment-friendly: It saves energy and keeps the environment clean.

Customer service: JSOT offers a good warranty and 24-hours customer service.

Weather-tested: These solar lights are tested to withstand any weather conditions.


Product pack: The double-sided tape to affix the lights is not included in the pack.

Battery protection: The battery is not waterproof, thus, it is advised not to let the lights stay in a humid environment for a long time or get soaked in water.

Need sunlight for the first start: Though it completely relies on sunlight, it needs a long time in the sun for the first time to start.

  5  BAXIA Technology Solar Lights Outdoor

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor 28 LED Wireless

The BAXIA Technology Solar Lights have been brought to the market for bringing life to your deck, outside walls, driveways, yard, and pathways. These outdoor deck lights are designed to keep your home secured. The product has a no-dim mode. This item weighs 1.7 pounds with a size of 4.5 × 2.7 × 5.1 inches. Featuring 1 lithium polymer built-in battery, it is covered with high-strength ABS. The wattage of the LEDs is 1.3 watt and it takes about 3.7 voltage. The luminous flux is 400 lm. This solar LED outdoor deck lighting features a side-mount plug. It can be best utilized to fulfill your outside deck lighting ideas.

The light turns on when motion is sensed within 10 meters and turns off after 30 seconds. The motion angle is 120° which can provide light to a dark space whenever required. It stays in direct sun exposure for almost all day. For water and weather-resistance, IP65 technology has been put to use in these lights. This product from BAXIA is a perfect outdoor deck light if your purpose of mounting it on a deck, yard, or any outdoor light is security. The product has 30 days full refund guarantee and 90 days limited warranty.

A package of BAXIA TECHNOLOGY 28 LED Solar Lights comes with 4 BAXIA Solar motion sensor lights, 8 expansion pillar-hinge, 8 installing screw, 2 key pins, and a user manual.


Motion sensor: The motion detection features are meant to keep your home secure.

Heat-resistant: The solar LEDs are heat-resistant.

Warranty: The LED outdoor deck lighting comes with a secure system of warranty.

Durable: The no-dim feature increases its lifespan. It can work for up to five years.

Long-lasting: It stays lit up to 12 hours.


Charging time: At the initial level, it requires 1-2 or more chargings just to get started.

Motion detect: It may sometimes work only when too close.

Size: The size of the LEDs is quite small.

  6  Otdair Solar Deck Lights

Otdair Solar Deck Lights, 3 LED Solar Step Lights Outdoor

The OtdAir Solar Step Lights are ideal for the outdoor staircases since these are made of solid stainless steel. The quality of the material is reliable and robust, and the shape is rectangular. This is a new version of Solar Step Lights from OtdAir for a larger elevation angle for solar panels. The upgraded version can easily capture more solar power. They save about 5% of the charging time than their predecessors. The solar panel is made with 2V/120mAh polycrystalline. For waterproofing, technology IP44 has been used. The LED power is 0.2 W and the color temperature is 6000k. These white lights come with a pack of 12 LEDs.

The installation process includes pressing the switch on the back; screwing the screws into the wall, or the place you want it to fit in, and inserting the hole position into the installed screw. The voltage required for these lights is 1.2 kilovolts. Since they are wireless, they can be mounted and relocated easily. This lighting for decks and patios can be molded to fit the fence, garden, patio, steps, or wall. It secured the topmost position on our ‘solar-powered deck lights outdoor’ list.


Durable: The stainless steel construction increases its lifespan.

Waterproof: The IP44 is a good waterproofing technology.

Easy installation: Just three steps are enough for installing these.

Portable: They are easy to mount and relocate.

Automatic: You don’t have to worry about turning them on and off. They can do all that by themselves.


Brightness: Several deck bright reviews revealed that the illumination is limited.

Working time: These may stay lit for less time given the time they take to charge.

Package: Some users found it difficult to remove the plastic packaging. It seems rather clumsy.

  7  Solar Deck Lights by JSOT

Solar Deck Lights, KASUN Super Bright LED Walkway Light Stainless

Here is another solar deck Light from JSOT. The KASUN super bright LED lights work just as claimed. Bundled in a pack of 12 LEDs, they consume zero electricity. The LED power is 0.2W, brights up to 30 lumens with a color temperature of 6500k in cool white. The product comes with a built-in battery of 1.2 V / 600mAh Ni-MH. It is made with ABS, PC, and stainless steel. IP44 construction used for waterproofing makes them brave rain, ice, wind, and snow. This product weighs about 2.9 pounds, so they’re easy to carry around. 0.75 wattage is required along with 1.2 voltage. The product is regarded as the best outdoor area lighting by its users.


Auto charging: These lights get automatically charged when the sun appears.

Compact: The outdoor deck lighting is smaller in size and saves a lot of space.

Easy to install: These can be installed in simple steps by just following the manual instructions.

Heatproof: IP44 technique makes them heat-resistant.

Wireless: They need no wiring.


Weather dependent: They only work when they are powered by the sun and that too, for hours.

Motion detection: They have no motion sensors.

Accessories: No double-sided tape is provided with the package. That makes you spend extra for the installation process.


Q1. What is a deck lighting?

A1. Deck lighting provides a soft and imposing decoration to your deck or other outdoor spaces of your home. With these lights, you can enjoy evenings on your deck, or balcony and have wild parties as well as private romantic dinner.

Deck lights are available in numerous types in the market and each light is designed with some specific features keeping the varied needs in focus. Deck lights can also be used in patio, garden, landscape, balcony, backyard, driveways, or pathways. These lights can also be used for security purposes.

Q2. What are the best solar deck lights?

A2. While choosing a deck light, solar light can be a great choice. They are powered directly by the sun. All they need is sunshine. The best solar-powered deck lights must include these features:

They must be easy to install.

They must be waterproof and heatproof.

If they happen to be dustproof, it will be a great value-addition.

They must give a long-lasting illumination.

They should get charged enough on an average day to go through all night illumined.

The ideal lumens ratings are around 10-80. The closer they are to this standard, the better the lights.

They must be automatic.

Motion detection must be included.

Q3. How do you put lights on a deck?

A3. To put lights on a deck, simply follow the below mentioned easy steps:

Firstly, determine how many lights you are about to put, so you’ll know how many posts are needed to place them.

Now paint the posts to complement your outdoor decor.

Use screws to attach each post to the back of your deck.

Make sure they are strong enough to carry the weight of the bulb.

Screw a hook on the top of each post and at every corner.

Be creative with the plugging.

Now hang the strand, set it from the first hook, and drape across all the hooks one by one.

Your deck lights are ready to illuminate.

Q4. How do you hang string lights on a patio?

A4. For hanging patio lighting, follow these steps:

Sketch measurements.

If applicable, assemble the poles.

Hang your first string light with the male plug.

Use a hook between each bulb.

If you are installing multiple strings, connect them before turning on.

Plug your patio light with the power source and enjoy it.

Q5. How long do solar deck lights last?

A5. Generally, outdoor solar light lasts for about 3 to 4 years. This is a maximum period a solar light can work. After this, they need to get replaced. The LED can last for about ten years. You will know your solar deck lights need a replacement when they are not illuminating your deck, or when they are getting difficult to maintain.

Q6. Can solar lights stay out in winter?

A6. Well, the answer is yes. The solar lights can stay out in winters. Depending on the technology used in a solar panel, the durability is gauged for all the weather.

Q7. Do solar lights work on cloudy days?

A7. Well, solar lights do work on cloudy days but not impressively. On cloudy days, solar panels are unable to get powered from the sun. So, they lit a lot less on such days.

Q8. How much power does a solar panel produce on a cloudy day?

A8. The amount of brightness of solar light is too less on a cloudy day. Though they don’t receive enough solar energy, they still manage to illuminate about 10-25%.

On cloudy days, solar panels give off 25% of the brightness of a sunny day and on a very cloudy day, they produce just 10%.


Deck lights add pomposity to your deck area. If you are already planning to ace your deck’s decor, you must not miss checking on these lights. The deck lights require only a small amount of spending and give you mesmerizing pleasure, and captivating memories.

Additionally, if you want to maintain your patio or yard clean and secure, the solar light is a great help. Outdoor solar deck lights can be your lifesaver, especially in saving the high electricity bills. In this article, we have tried to cover almost all types of best outdoor lighting reviews. All you need to do is pick your favorite one.

But consider a few factors before buying a deck light- the purpose of buying, budget, temperature tolerance of light, luminous flux, light’s color, and waterproofing.

The summers are here and if you love spending time outside with nature, these can surely add beauty and safety to your peace. Finding the one that matches your taste and needs may be difficult, so we have enlisted these lights to ease your selection and act as a guiding light.

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