7 Best Mattress Under 500$ Reviewed by Smart Review Lab 2020

7 Best Mattress Under 500$ Reviewed by Smart Review Lab 2020

A good sleep at night is extremely necessary to feel fresh the next day. And healthcare professionals advise for a minimum of 7-8 hours of sound sleep. But have you ever got up tired even after having slept for 8-9 hours? Blame your silly mattresses. A sound sleep is possible only if you sleep on a comfortable mattress beneath. Imagine sleeping on a hard rock-bed overnight. How would you feel the next morning? The analogy very much explains the need for a good mattress.

But there is a misconception among us all that good things cost more, sometimes even beyond the paying capacity of an average income earning individual. But this is nothing more than a myth. With technology becoming non-exclusive, customers have become the rulers of opportunist businessmen. Now every good thing is affordable. The best mattresses too.

7 Best Mattress Under $500 by Customer Report

In today’s world where the cost of living is sky-high, investing in a mattress worth thousands of dollars isn’t a wise decision, especially when technology is in the hands of a common man. Contrary to the belief, good mattresses and affordability are no longer mutually exclusive.


Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress

        • -Adjustable foam
        • -Non-toxic.
        • -Full refund.
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Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory

    • -Cushioned top.
    • -Orthopedic benefits.
    • -Hypoallergenic.
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Queen Mattress - Sweetnight 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress

      • -Skin-friendly.
      • -Relieves back pain.
      • -No chemicals.
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Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

    • -Cooling feature.
    • -Double support.
    • -Stays fresh.
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  • -Free trial.
  • -Warranty.
  • -Pressure relief.
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Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam

  • -Keeps you cool.
  • -Soft linen.
  • -Coil support.
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Zinus Classic Spring Mattress, Full

  • -Comfortable top.
  • -Excellent support.
  • -Zero motion disturbances.
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  1  Live and Sleep Queen Mattress

Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress

This queen-sized mattress from Live and Sleep is a perfect blend of functionality and style. The high-density foam cradles you while you sleep peacefully and the extra-thickness gives you a plush hotel vibe. No latex or coils have been used for providing support to the body that leaves you feel rejuvenated after a comfortable sleep. 

The foam is perfect for relieving pressure from various points of the body while you sleep. The mattress fits well on any kind of box-spring along with being suitable for hard-floor. This happens to be the best queen mattress under 500$ as you also get a cushion pillow free with the purchase package acting as the best mini crib mattress.


Adjustable foam: The memory foam adjusts itself to your body’s weight, thereby supporting each part of your body individually without putting strain.

Regulates body temperature in sleep: The gel foam being more open than the traditional foam is airy and hence is more breathable.

Non-toxic: The mattress is certified as eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Full refund: The company offers a full refund guarantee in case you are not happy with the product within the 30-days free trial period.

Warranty: The company offers a 20-year warranty for all manufacturing defects beyond the trial period.

CertiPUR-US Certified: The foam has been accredited after lab testing for its quality and safety.

Recycled Packaging: The packaging of this portable mattress has been designed to reduce the carbon footprints during the shipping process.


Round corners: The round corners do not fit well into the edged beds which happen to be the most common bed types.

Small size: The size of the mattress has been complained to be of just 10 inches instead of 12. Make sure to return the product immediately if you happen to receive the wrong product.

Takes time to get adjusted: This isn’t the best adjustable bed mattress as per a few customers as the memory foam takes some days to get adjusted with the curves and creases of your body.

  2  Classic Brands Hybrid Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory

This pillow-top mattress from Classic Brands is a hybrid design having the best of both the traditional as well as the latest technology. The traditional innerspring coiled has been wrapped with the latest gel-infused cool foam for an ultimate sleep experience. And to add to the beauty, the mattress has a quilted top cover with knitted sides. The 12-inch profile adjusts itself to the contours of your body quickly. The certification assures that the mattress doesn’t form dips over time, thereby making it the best bunk bed mattress. Fit it on any kind of bed-frame or foundation and it adjusts well in no time making it the best hybrid mattress under 500$. 


Cushioned top: It has the comfiest mattress topper with a cushioned feel without weighing you down at uncomfortable points. 

Maintains body temperature: The gel-infused foam dissipates the body heat while you rest keeping you comfortable all the time. 

Orthopedic benefits: The supporting coil minimizes the disturbances caused by motion and relieves pressure from the body’s pressure points. 

Hypoallergenic: The foam is resistant to bacteria, molds, allergens, and dust mites.

CertiPUR-US Certified: The mattress has been lab-tested for all its claims and hence is trusted for its durability and comfort.

Smart packaging: The smart packaging helps in the minimum carbon emission possible during the shipping process. 


Strong smell: Many customers have complained of a strong smell from the mattress.

Heavy: The mattress is heavier than a standard queen size mattress. 

Top indentation: For a few customers, the top design of indents is a reason for concern. But if you are the one enjoying your sleep in hotel mattresses, you need not worry.

  3  Sweet Night Queen Mattress

Queen Mattress - Sweetnight 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress

This gel-infused queen mattress from Sweet Night is a mild firm to offer perfect support to your back while you relax. The cotton cover has been made from a cotton blend to keep it breathable. The gel foam adjusts well to your body weight to eliminate any disturbances due to movements. This reduces the tossing and turning during sleep. The high-density foam at the base prevents the mattress from sagging after years of use making it the best queen mattress sets. Additionally, the company is environmentally conscious as it sends the mattress rolled and boxed after compressing it inside. 


Skin-friendly: The gel inside keeps the airflow regular so that your body doesn’t feel the heat while you relax.

Relieves back pain: The mattress is a medium-firm to offer perfect support to the back and hence relieves back pain.

No chemicals: The mattress hasn’t been chemically treated with formaldehyde, or such other harsh chemicals and hence is safe to use.

Hypoallergenic: It is also resistant to all types of allergens, dust mites, or bacteria. 

CertiPUR-US Certified: The quality and durability of the mattress has been tested and certified.

Free return: The mattress comes with a 30-day free return in case you feel that this mattress is not your perfect find.

Warranty: This queen size mattress has a 10-year limited warranty for all manufacturing defects.


Warm: The mattress would feel warm to you in the beginning if you are transitioning from a traditional mattress.

Takes time to get adjusted: The gel-infused foam of the mattress takes some days to get adjusted with the creases of your body.

Customer support: The company has been accused of a rather slow response when it comes to addressing customer’s complaints. 

  4  Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

This is another alternative while searching for the best memory foam mattress under 500$. Offered by Zinus, it is both high on design and functionality. For design, the mattress has a poly jacquard cover for a clean and stylish look. And about functionality, the mattress has a triple layer; a 3-inch top layer made up of memory foam for softness, 2-inches middle layer for comfort, and a 7-inches high-density foam at the base for support. The mattress has been infused with green tea extracts to keep you safe and protected from dust and germs. The company ships the product in the most eco-friendly manner by compressing, rolling and packing it tightly to leave minimal carbon footprints. Leave the mattress for 72 hours to inflate completely and it’ll be your best mattress for a king size bed under 500$.


Cooling feature: The mattress keeps your body cool by ventilating the foam all the time to help you relax.

Double support: The mattress has a double support; coil as in traditional type mattress and foam as in gel-infused modern mattresses.

Stays fresh: The green-tea infusion inside helps the mattress stay fresh all the time.

CertiPUR-US Certified: The mattress has been certified for its great quality, durability, and performance.

Warranty: It carries a 10-year warranty for all manufacturing defects.


Strong smell: A few customers have complained about a strong smell coming from the mattress. If you happen to face a similar issue, contact the customer care immediately.

Old stock: A few customers have complained of receiving a year-old mattress. The ideal date of manufacturing shouldn’t be more than a month old.

Expansion issue: The company offers instructions for full expansion of the mattress. Not sticking to them might result in an uneven mattress surface like a few customers.

  5  Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

This queen size mattress from Tuft & Needle boasts of almost 5-star ratings for the ‘best mattress under 500$’ category. A blend of 65% polyester and 35% micro-polyamide, the mattress has a simple and classic design to suit your home decor. The fresh foam inside has a bounce to give a soft and smooth feel to your body. Yet it has been made supportive enough to relieve all the pressure from all the pressure points of the body. The support layer beneath also ensures that your partner doesn’t get disturbed with movements while you twist and turn to relax. The graphite along with the cooling gel ensures that a perfect temperature of your body is maintained without making you feel hot or cold. 


Breathable: The foam keeps you cool by regular air-flow while you relax.

Pressure relief: The foam relieves all the pressure from every major pressure point, thereby relaxing you while you sleep.

CertiPUR-US Certified: The mattress has been certified after lab testing for its quality and durability.

Free trial: The mattress comes with a 100-day free trial period giving you an option to exchange or refund it.

Warranty: The mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty for all manufacturing defects.


Firm: The mattress is a little more firm and can cause you to take some time to adapt if you are transitioning from a mild firm mattress.

Smell: Though not bothered, the mattress has a slight smell. You can always request for replacement or refund in the trial period if you happen to be sensitive to smells.

Messy return process: The return process of the company has been complained of being a little messy and lengthy by a few customers. 

  6  Olee Sleep Queen Mattress

Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam

This gel-infused foam mattress under 500 is from Olee Sleep is a mix of beauty and quality. A beautiful fiber-quilted neutral grey colored top cover and a hybrid queen mattress inside has made this mattress earn rave reviews from customers. The base support from the coil to the cool foam at the top provides excellent support eliminating all the motion disturbances along with keeping your body cool while you relax. The wrapped coils also get support from the high-density foam in return so that the mattress isn’t hard to sleep and doesn’t sag. The company also contributes to the environment by compressing, rolling, and then boxing the mattress for minimal carbon footprints. 


Adaptable foam: The adaptable foam has been designed to quickly adjust to your body’s curves. 

Coil support: The mattress also supports the traditional way by having a coil wrapped around the foam. 

Keeps you cool: The gel inside ensures that a perfect body temperature is maintained while you relax.

Soft linen: The mattress has been covered with soft linen for a comfortable experience.

CertiPUR-US Certified: The mattress has been certified after lab testing for its quality and durability.


Subtle smell: A few customers have complained of a subtle smell coming out of the mattress but if you are sensitive to smells, contact the customer care right away.

Not hypoallergenic: This mattress is not resistant to allergens, dust mites or bacteria.

Firm: The traditional coil support makes the mattress a little more firm. Contact customer care if you happen to be uncomfortable with the firmness level.

  7  Zinus Spring mattress

Zinus Classic Spring Mattress, Full

As a great option for the best full mattress under 500, Zinus has made a high-quality double-layered foam to provide you an ultimate sleep experience. The 1.5-inches top layer has been made from comfort foam that not only gives a soft feel but also keeps you cool and relaxed. The 2-inches supportive layer beneath has been made from a high-density support foam, so that the top layer doesn’t indent with daily wear and tear. The company also has a patented shipping technology for delivering the mattress to your door without damaging the mattress and the environment.


Comfortable top: The quilted top-layer foam provides extreme comfort just like all those expensive mattresses in hotels. 

Excellent support: The coiled springs beneath provide excellent support without making the foam or your body sink in. This makes it the perfect mattress for scoliosis or such spinal issues.

Zero motion disturbances: The hundreds of supportive coils ensure there are zero motion disturbances to your partner while you move during sleep.

CertiPUR-US Certified: The mattress has been certified after lab testing for its content, quality, and performance.

Warranty: The mattress comes with a 10-year worry-free guarantee for all manufacturing defects.


Poor shipping: A few customers have complained of a tampered shipping package but the mattress intact inside. But even if you are not okay with it, contact customer care right away.

Customer support: The customer support has been a little slow to respond to your queries.

Firm: The mattress is a mild firm though, it might feel a little hard to you if you aren’t used to sleeping on firm mattresses. 

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Q. What is the best mattress for 2020?

A. To find the best mattress in 2020, look for the following factors while considering various alternatives:

  • Look for a comfortable foam at the top.
  • A high-density foam is important to keep the mattress from sagging.
  • A gel-infused foam will help in proper airflow and keep your body cool during harsh weather. 
  • The mattress must be firm enough so as not to let your body sink in uncomfortably and soft enough that it doesn’t put strain on pressure points. Hence, choosing a mild firm mattress is the best one. 

Q. How do I pick the right mattress?

A. Before purchasing a queen mattress for you, considering the following factors would help you in picking the right mattress:

  • The foremost factor is to measure the size of your bed-frame to know your ideal mattress size. Screen out all the smaller and larger mattresses from that ideal size.
  • Check for the firmness of the mattress. It should be a mild firm for a comfortable sleep. 
  • Properly ventilated foam ensures a constant body temperature. 
  • Always check the customer’s reviews to know their real experience after using the mattress. 

Also, once you buy your perfect mattress, don’t forget to cover it with a waterproof crib mattress protector.

Q. Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

A. Both the extremes can have their cons along with some pros. But a perfect mattress is one that is neither hard or soft. A hard mattress would cause a body ache and a soft mattress would make your sink in uncomfortably. It is always better to have a mild firm mattress as the softness wouldn’t put strain on your body’s pressure points and mild hardness would stop your body from sinking in.

Q. Is a pillow top mattress better than memory foam?

A. A pillow-top mattress is being largely replaced by the newer and more advanced memory foam for varied reasons:

Balanced support– Memory foam is bouncy yet firm enough to offer comfort and support at the same time. Whereas pillow-top mattress lacks this balance and is advised against for people with back problems.

Durable– A memory foam is more durable than the traditional pillow-top that sinks in rather sooner.

Zero motion disturbances– The memory foam allows you to twist and turn without causing motion disturbances to your partner against the pillow-top mattress regular motion disturbances.

Weight distribution– Contrary to pillow-top, memory foam mattresses are ideal for heavy-weight people as it distributes the weight evenly.

Hypoallergenic– The memory foam mattresses are better, especially for sensitive people. This is because they are resistant to allergens.

Q. Why do pillow-top mattresses sag?

A. The pillow-top mattresses couldn’t distribute the body’s weight equally that causes indents at various pressure points. As the time passes, the constant improper weight distribution causes the mattress to sag. And don’t forget to cover them with the best waterproof crib mattress cover to prevent moisture from playing the spoilsport.

Q. What’s better; Eurotop or pillow-top?

A. Eurotop is an ultimate swiss ortho sleep mattress. They are considered better than pillow-tops due to various pros:

Soft– Eurotop are softer than the pillow-tops and hence, offer more comfort.

Align with edges– Eurotop are stitched right to the top which makes them aligned with the edges and prevent them from sagging.

Material– Eurotop is designed with high-quality material.

Q. How do you fix a sunken mattress?

A. Since a sunken mattress is a cause for stiffness, soreness, and spinal pain, it is imperative to fix it. Following are easy tips to fix a sagging mattress:

  • The foremost and easiest way to fix a sunken mattress is to try redistributing the body-weight on it. This can be done by either flipping or rotating the mattress 180 degrees.
  • In case the problem persists, try sliding an inch thick wooden or plyboard at sagging points to provide extra support. Slide them between mattress and bed-frame.

But it is always better to change a sagging mattress as soon as possible to avoid health problems. 


There are numerous options when we search for a perfect mattress for our sound sleep. But there is no point in investing hundreds of thousands on a mattress if the same comfort is available at less. We have tried our best to enlist the best mattress under 500$ but only after going through each of their reviews thoroughly. Additionally, we tried our best to eliminate all biases, if any, by weighing in each of its cons along with the pros. This would help to make an honest and informed decision. 

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