7 Best Home Security System Reviews

7 Best Home Security System Reviews

A secure feeling has become a basic need. The peace of mind is an important factor for your efficient productivity. If you aren’t secure about your home and other belongings, this might drag your attention away from your work. On the other hand, when you feel safe about your home, your family at home and, all the other belongings that are precious to you, you will be able to focus on your professional life.

A home security system is not as pricey today, as it was earlier. Though the price varies with features and quality standards, still it is a lot easier and affordable than it used to be. The home security companies are progressively developing technologies that lend you an imposing safety. Home alarm systems always imply a pro installation but it is great to be born in this advanced era. Smart systems don’t want you to rely on someone else.


Top 7 Home Security System 2020

Now all that is left is to pick the perfect applicant for your home after a thorough security system comparison To make selection easier and give you an idea about what is best out there in home security systems, we are presenting seven top home security systems from reputed brands.


Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

        • -Easy installation
        • -Portability
        • -Strong grip
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Samsung [GP-U999SJVLEAA] SmartThings Button One-Touch Remote

    • -Smart sensor.
    • -Whole control.
    • -Parental control.
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WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera Indoor

      • -Cheap power.
      • -Easy to use.
      • -Multiple uses.
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Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection

    • -Live video.
    • -Alerts.
    • -Durability.
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Arlo - Wireless Home Security Camera System - Night vision, Indoor Outdoor

  • -Waterproof.
  • -Night vision.
  • -Free cloud storage.
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GoControl WNK01-21KIT Essential Z-Wave Home Security Suite

  • -Customizable.
  • -Easy installation.
  • -Window sensor.
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Vimtag VT-362 Smart IP Cloud Surveillance Camera - Wireless

  • -Easy setup.
  • -Large storage.
  • -2-way Audio.
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  1  Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

This handy and simple door security bar from Master Lock is intended to stop a forced entry inside a home. This security bar is made with 20-gauge heavy-duty steel. This is a portable and easily adjustable system. It can be adjusted from 27.5 inches to 42 inches in length. It has a removable head on the top for sliding doors. The length of this bar can be adjusted from the middle and can be released through the button. It is designed to fit most of the hinged and sliding doors. The product is provided with a mainstay foot to ensure a full connection with the floor.


Easy installation: This door stopper doesn’t require any extra tool for installation.

Portability: The best part about this door bar is it is great for travelers. It provides extra security in hotel rooms.

Strong grip: The rubber at the bottom extends a strong grip and protects the floor from scratches.

Adjustable: This door stopper can be adjusted for major sizes of doors.

Suitability with floors: This product is suitable for all types of floors; tile, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet as well.


Limited use: Though it is great for indoor use, outdoor use is not advised.

Unfit for the mat: This security system cannot be used with a mat or rug on your floor.

Less-advanced: It isn’t as smart as other security applications and performs only basic security functions.

  2  Samsung Electronics Mesh Router

Samsung [GP-U999SJVLEAA] SmartThings Button One-Touch Remote

A wifi mesh router from Samsung, this home security monitoring comes as a 3-piece set. Each piece covers 1500 square feet area, so the area that can be covered with 3 pieces is up to 4500 square feet. For operations, it requires Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 10 or higher, and can also be operated from the Samsung SmartThings app. The product comes with a 4.7 × 4.7 × 1.2 inches dimension. It features a SmartThings multipurpose sensor, SmartThings motion sensor, SmartThings button, SmartThings outlet, and SmartThings water leak sensor.

The components that are included in the package is a DC adapter, LAN cable, and a quick start guide. This is an upgrade to the smart security system as it provides you access to live video streaming. This smart home hub can sync with the Samsung SmartThing app, Google Assistant, and Alexa as well.


Smart sensor: The sensor always knows when the windows and doors are open or close.

Whole control: The smart system receives an alert whenever any unexpected activity occurs.

Parental control: It comes with parental control. You can turn the internet off as needed.

Motion sensor: It records every movement happening in the home.

Water leak sensor: Any water leakage in the home is immediately detected and reported.


Technical errors: Though it works great with wifi and the app, it may sometimes face technical errors.

Requires reconnection: It may sometimes get disconnected from your device.

Low battery life: After running for a complete day, it takes 4-5 days to get fully charged.

  3  WALI Bullet Surveillance Security Dome Camera

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera Indoor

This is an extremely inexpensive solution for your safety issues. WALI Bullet Dummy Surveillance Security Camera offers a 24-hours video recording. This product is meant for both indoor and outdoor security control. It has a slidable aluminum casing, a blinking red light for night vision LED, and durable steel material for the installation. The dimensions of the camera are 3 × 6.7 inches. It has a 5 inches long stand and 360 degrees fully adjustable rotation.

Additionally, it contains a realistic-looking wire which is just a dummy to generate fear in trespassers’ minds. It requires 2 × AA batteries for operations. The package comes with 1 WALI Bullet Silver Camera, 3 screws, 1 steel bracket, and 1 warning security alert sticker decal. WALI Surveillance Camera can be best used for stores, offices, front doors, garage, backyard, and warehouses.


Cheap power: It just requires 2×AA batteries, which are the cheapest power source. Also, they run easily for 6 months.

Easy to use: It can be easily and quickly installed simply with screws.

Multiple uses: It can keep both your home and business place secured.

Appearance: Being fake-wired, it manages to appear as an ideal security camera.

Warranty: The product features an 18-months warranty.


Dummy: It is not an actual security camera.

Coverage: It does not cover a large area.

Unstable: The product may sometimes glide sideways.

  4  Blink Indoor Home Security Camera

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection

Blink can stand out as a great choice when it comes to having a good experience with a security camera. Besides providing a level of customer service, it offers a very good value for money. This camera can be the one you are looking for. Blink Security Camera is a wireless video home security and monitoring system. It has great alarm monitoring services reviews.

This product runs at 2 ×AA lithium batteries. The image resolution is 720p. It also features temperature monitoring. There is a built-in white LED illuminator in it. It has 1 directional microphone. It runs with Amazon Alexa and integrated with its enabled devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot. The wifi requires a minimum of 2 Mbps upload speed. It offers free cloud storage and no monthly subscription fee.


Live video: The system comes with live streaming.

Alerts: You’ll receive an instant notification link via push notification, about any restricted happening.

Durability: It runs on 2AA lithium batteries, with 2 years of battery life.

Motion sensor: It has a built-in motion detection alarm.

Double coverage: Since the product comes with two cameras, it covers double the area.


One way audio: Since it features a microphone, there is just a one-way audio system.

Not ideal for outdoor: The system is a success indoors only.

Weather-resistance: Since it isn’t weather-resistant, it requires some extra care in harsher weather conditions.

  5  Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo - Wireless Home Security Camera System - Night vision, Indoor Outdoor

This 3 camera kit from Arlo is a next-generation home security system and artificial intelligence. It’s an all-in-all home security system that works with Amazon Alexa. Easy to set up, the HD cameras allow you to keep an eye on each little detail. This camera has a night vision mode that can record equally well in the dark. You have the option to stream live or watch the recorded activity.

It has a base station that handles all communication with the cameras. Buying rechargeable batteries along with the product is advised as the cost of replacing CR123 batteries is expensive. The cameras have a wireless range of 300+ feet line of sight and the fixed focus ranges from 2 feet to infinity. The camera can be easily installed with IP configuration: DHCP. It has 4 digital zooms. Apart from Amazon Alexa, it can be synced to Amazon Echo Show, Fire tv, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. The overall home alarm system reviews for this one are top-notch.


Waterproof: Being weather-resistant, it can be used anywhere: indoors and outdoors.

Night vision: It works in the dark as well, with consistent quality.

Free cloud storage: The product charges no fees for viewing and storing videos.

Expandable: You can add up to 5 cameras if the need arises.

Emergency call: Connect quickly to the emergency responders of your home directly from the app in case you suspect any threat.


Sound quality: The sound quality is not as good as the video.

Motion detection: It may sometimes find errors in detecting motion.

Technical issues: It may face some technical glitches at times.

  6  GoControl Essential Z-Wave Home Security Suite

GoControl WNK01-21KIT Essential Z-Wave Home Security Suite

GoControl Home Security Suite is a complete package to act as a perfect home guard. It earned a top-slot on home security system reviews. The box comes with two door- window sensors, a motion detector, and an installation guide book. The sensors are easy to install. The motion sensor has to be installed in a way that it’s not pointing to a heat source like a radiator.

After the installation process, the “robot” program can be used in the Wink app. The app groups all the sensors into categories and sends you alerts. The system has smooth operations. The design is unusually stylish. It requires 3 lithium metal batteries. It is paired with A Z-wave Hub and controls reactions through The Hub’s App. It offers additional sensors, light switches and dimmers, and door locks.


Customizable: The Hub allows you to create a customized security system as per your unique home security needs.

Easy installation: The security system is easy to install with just taking a few minutes to get started from scratch.

Window sensor: The window sensor is a unique feature of this security system.

Lightweight: The product is very compact.

Temperature alert: It also notifies about temperature.


Outdoors care: It is not waterproof. Extra care is a must if it is installed outdoors.

Less portable: This system comes with a complete set that makes it less portable.

Time lag: It takes about 4 minutes before signaling any motion.

  7  Vimtag Smart IP Cloud Surveillance Camera

Vimtag VT-362 Smart IP Cloud Surveillance Camera - Wireless

This surveillance kit from Vimtag has a camera, a power cable, an Ethernet Cable, a user manual, and an instructional guide. If you’re looking for a security system for your business place, it is an ideal choice. This indoor silver-colored camera requires 8 watts to run. It records up to 15 days’ activity on 32 GB storage. It has 4.5 × 4.2 × 6.5 inches dimensions. It features a high-quality 3.6mm lense, one million pixels, high definition 12 IR LEDs for night mode that covers up to 10 meters distance.

The HD video’s real-time quality is 1280 ×720p. It supports a micro SD card up to 512 GB. It has a built-in microphone and a speaker. The motion detector takes just five minutes to set up. The camera can be pre-set to a live shot, and can also be panned up, down, and sideways for about 360-degree. This camera is great for multiple uses like business monitoring, vacation home monitoring, general security, pet monitoring, senior monitoring, nanny monitoring, and simply prove to be your next best DIY home security system.


Easy setup: To set this up, you just need to plug in the camera, download the app, and scan the QR code.

Large storage: It can record 5 times more than a standard IP camera.

2-way Audio: You can hear what’s going on the other side. You can also talk to your babies at home.

Multiple devices: It supports monitoring from more than one device.

Pan and tilt control: You can control the angle via the app and you can also zoom the screen.


Night vision: It does work at night but not as clear and sharp as at day.

Delicate body: Due to its plastic body, it needs extra care.

Slow rotation: This takes a little longer time to tilt.


Q1. Which is the best home security system?

A1. A top home security system is the one that can give you 100 percent security. It is the very essence of having such a system in the first place. Apart from this, a few other features ensure full-round safety.

• It must be easy to install. As when it comes to safeguarding your home, you must not trust anyone.

• It must be customizable to match your individual needs.

• The system should have a good power supply system so that it doesn’t fail at any time.

• The monitoring of the system must be smart enough to be controlled via smartphone and alert you immediately at any mishappening.

• The security system’s camera should contain a high IP rate, high efficiency, and highly reliable parts. The recording and reporting capabilities must be balanced.

• A home security comparison shows that a perfect security system must manage to get connected to the web and mobile apps conveniently and instantly.

Q2. How many cameras do you need for your home security?

A2. No matter where you are, your home security is always your priority. A good set of security systems can help you relieve your stress. But what makes a good set? The system that can efficiently cover your home first is a must to keep a keen watch.

Ideally, for complete home security, around 7 cameras are advised. This includes 3 outdoor and 4 indoor.


● For the front of your house- For a clear view of your walkways and driveway.

● For the front door- It’s important to place a camera at the front door. A doorbell camera will be perfect for this.

● For backyard- Placing a camera in the backyard is as important as in front of your home.


● For kid’s room- For your kids’ security, place a camera in your child room or nursery room.

● For the living room- To cover the major activities in your home, place a camera in your living room.

● For the point of entry-: You need to position a camera at your home’s entry point.

● For the safe-vault- You must keep a camera to keep a watch on all your valuables.

Q3. What’s the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?

A3. Comparing home security systems is imperative before investing in one. Two alternatives to keep an eye on our property and belongings are security and surveillance cameras. Security cameras are CCTV cameras that capture a particular place to a definite monitor located at a distant place, whereas surveillance cameras are those who have automatic number plate systems. Surveillance cameras normally work on IP networks. The network links the area to the security location.

Security cameras need a pro installation but after that, they are easy to maintain but a surveillance camera is a bit costly to install and is complex to use if you are not tech-savvy. You must learn to operate the security on your phone. So, always compare home security systems to know them well inside-out.

Q4. How much is ADT per month?

A4. The ADT per month is based on your monitoring package. The range for ADT starts from $9/week to $14/week. So for a monthly package, you have to shell anything between $36/month to $56/month.

Your monthly ADT home security cost will rely on the monitoring package you pick. If you opt for a Premium Protection Package, for the most advanced monitoring service, it will start from $52.99/month. This is just an approximate cost and it might vary from location to location and on various home security companies.

Q5. Is a wired or wireless security system better?

A5. When we compare home security systems before buying one, we see them either as wired or wireless. If we are looking at areas without power & internet, like a garage or a countryside farm, the wireless surveillance security camera is the best option. Wired security cameras require a power supply, whereas the wire-free camera works with built-in batteries and doesn’t require any outside power source.

Also, wireless security cameras send you an instant motion alert the moment motion is detected. On the other hand, you can check the recording on the wired camera only after the event ends.

Wireless security systems reviews back their easy installation and flexibility against the wired security cameras that need technical knowledge for installation and operation.

Q6. What are the disadvantages of a wireless network?

A6. Home alarm system reviews highlight numerous advantages to wireless security networks, it still has its disadvantages:

• They are always at great risk of being hacked.

• These systems also carry a great risk of being interfered with by nearby wifi devices.

• These cameras are more pricey.

• Wireless networks often face technical errors due to network or system error.

• This type of security system can stop anytime as they rely on battery power.


The security of our homes should never be a concern for us. That said, it is a thing you can’t take the risk upon. With crime at its peak, we must ramp up our security measures too. The best bet is to place trust in a home security system. And it must be the latest technology with high-tech sensors.

Be it your home, business, office, garden, or backyard, home security systems are made to keep you safe everywhere. Many of the products of alarm companies work with Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and such famous virtual assistants. It makes them more reliable. DIY home security systems to make your personal FBI office.

We have tried to pick a few from the best home security companies in the market and listed security system reviews, pros, and cons to help you decide your perfect match as per your needs.

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