6 Best Furnace Filter by Smart Review Lab

6 Best Furnace Filter by Smart Review Lab

Climate has deteriorated and air quality is at the lowest. We all need clean air to breathe. And the immediate possibility of it is resorting to a furnace filter. It filters the air around you and makes it of breathable quality. Yes, it does so but the main purpose of this appliance is to protect the blower fan from dust, hair, and other gunk.

If you are working or living in a heated or cold environment and likely to use an HVAC system, a furnace filter would certainly be customary for you too, like others. While looking for a furnace filter, various facts must be at focus. Keeping all those in mind, we have picked some of the best HVAC air filters for home use featuring different types, design, concepts, and important features. Many of these filters have received as good reviews as Aerostar air filters review.

Top 6 Furnace Filter of 2020


Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter

        • -Productivity.
        • -Microscopic.
        • -Pet-friendly.
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Nordic Pure 20x25x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters

    • -Microscopic.
    • -Comparable with elite.
    • -Moisture-resistant.
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Nordic Pure 16x25x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter, Box

      • -Pet Dander.
      • -Mold spores.
      • -Exhaust control.
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Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Replacement Filter

    • -More for less.
    • -Long-lasting.
    • -Value for money.
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Filtrete MPR 1000 DP 16x25x4

  • -Washable.
  • -Electrostatics.
  • -Efficient.
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Filtrete MPR 1000 DP 20x25x4

  • -Allergens.
  • -Washable.
  • -Efficient.
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  1  Honeywell Ultra Air Cleaner

Honeywell FC100A1037 Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter

Honeywell Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaning Filter is built to remove allergens, dust, and other hazardous substances that are trapped in your home. The cleaner is made with imported polypropylene. Gray-colored air filter weighs one-pound and has dimensions of 24.5 × 20 × 4.5 inches. Actual filter size is 19 15/16 × 24 ⅞ × 4 ⅜ inches. A single box carries 5 pieces of filters. The Static Pressure Drop (in w.c.) is 0.23 at 500 FPM. It features an efficiency range for small particles E1=0.3 to 3.0 microns, E2=1.0 to 3.0 microns for medium particles, and E3=3.0 to 10.0 microns for large particles. Honeywell Air Filters work more impressively than a standard one-inch fiberglass filter. The products from the manufacturers always come with easy installation and with varied options of all sizes. The Honeywell air clean filters can last for up to one year.


Productivity: This Filter comes with ultra-efficiency and can capture a high percentage of allergens from your home.

Microscopic: This high-efficiency furnace filter works where you can’t even see.

Pet-friendly: If you own a pet, you are likely familiar with the dander problem. Honeywell secured a top rank in the ‘best furnace filters for homes with pets‘ as it solves the pet dander problem quite well.

Inexpensive: The filter is more reliable and affordable than other same-featured filters. You can have great value without spending much.

Convenient: Being easy to carry and install, this air cleaner is picky.


Thin: Being only 4 inches makes it too thin.

Air bear filter: This product does not feature air bear filters.

Shaky: As per the furnace filter reviews received from its buyers, the product shakes while turning on and off.

  2  Nordic Pure MERV Furnace Air Filters

Nordic Pure 20x25x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters

From the top furnace air filter manufacturers, Nordic produces a great range of furnace filters. The USA-manufactured filter has ranges both for commercial and home use. You can use it in your workplace as well as your personal spaces. Bundled as a pack of six, it’s a MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Filter with an actual size of 19 ½ × 24 ½ × ¾ inches. It is made with hypoallergenic and anti-microbial pleated material. The indoor air particles measuring 1/1000 millimeter microns can be easily captured by it. It also filters human hair which is about 100 microns. Talking about the smallest particles, this one product can find a minimum of 0.3 microns. This furnace filter is made to protect you and your beloved from dust, smoke particles, bacteria, viruses, airborne plane spores, and allergy-causing pollutants. The product is certified by quality-assuring agencies and received a positive review like Aerostar filters review.


Microscopic: This air filter captures 97.8% of microscopic dust and doesn’t support bacteria growth.

Comparable with elite: MERV 12 furnace filters are worth comparing to HVAC filters with 1500-1900 or FPR 9 ratings.

Moisture-resistant: The AC filter is built with a heavy-duty moisture-resistant beverage board frame.

Usability: This furnace filter can be used at home and office both.

Lightweight: Being just 4 pounds makes it easy to carry.


Frequent replacement: The manufacturer advises changing the filter every 1 to 3 months for great results.

Odor control: The filter buy reviews reveal that it doesn’t eliminate odors.

Careful install: It may get snagged in installation screws if you are not careful.

  3  Nordic Pure Furnace Air Filters

Nordic Pure 16x25x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter, Box

Another furnace filter from Nordic Pure bundled in a pack of six. The manufacturer guarantees quality, quality, and the price at the same time. You can arrest all the physical allergenic symptoms with this product. The main difference between Nordic Pure 20×25×1 MERV 12 AC Furnace Air Filters and Nordic Pure 16×25×1 MERV 12 AC furnace filter is its size. In an air furnace filter, size plays a big role. The actual size of this filter is 15.5 × 24.5 × 0.75 inches. The furnace filter is made with hypoallergenic & antimicrobial pleated electrostatic filter material gaining it the best furnace air filters review. Additionally, the synthetic material in it will never allow bacteria or mold to grow. The handling time of the filter is 5. Again this is ideally useful for both home and workplace requirements. It starts detecting airborne particles from at least 0.3 microns size. With this air filter, you will forget the indoor air particles causing coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and allergies. It will prevent microscopic particles from spreading around your home, making it one of the best furnace filters for dust.


Pet Dander: It removes pet dander.

Mold spores: It removes all the dirt, lint, and mold spores.

Exhaust control: It is apt for a place filled with smoke, bacteria, and soot.

Work on an older furnace: This furnace filter works on older furnaces with the same effectiveness.

Efficient: It chooses MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) for measuring air filter efficiency, which has an industry standard.


Odor control: Though it works well with other particles, it is not the best furnace filter for odors.

Slightly smaller: This product is slightly smaller than the manufacturer’s measurements.

May fit loose: As it is thin, it may fit loose.

  4  Trion Air Bear Replacement Filter

Trion Air Bear 255649-102 Replacement Filter

A pack of three, Trion Air Bear Replacement Filter- 20×25×5 has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 8. The rated airflow is up to 2000 CFM. The product comes with an actual size of 19.75 × 24.25 × 44.94 inches. Made with charged synthetic and electrostatic material, it contains extended surface pleats that have a higher dirt-holding capacity than other standard models. The product is made in the USA. Being rated as the best air filter for home furnace, this product will make you feel secure at your home without worrying about the quality of air. The product is based on a technology that will surely stop all the unwanted contaminants in the air and assure you clean air. This air filter is easily installed and can fit most of the AC with the same measurement.


More for less: This pack of three has less price than a pack of two from a local store.

Long-lasting: It can work for 100 days in a row.

Value for money: It works great to purify the air.

Three pieces: Bundled as a three-piece set, it covers a large area.

Replacement to an HVAC: This product can be a replacement for HVAC owing to its similar efficiency.


Oversized filters: The oversized filters may not fit in your home.

Expensive: Having MERV 8, this is slightly expensive.

Not for reuse: The filters can not be washed or reused.

  5  Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter

Filtrete MPR 1000 DP 16x25x4

This Filtrete furnace reduces your home allergens. The Micro Allergen Defense Deep Pleat is a steal-deal at such a price. This two-unit product is a sturdy item to remove allergens from your home. To reach AC’s furnace or HVAC systems, it has flexible borders. The 16×25×4 dimensional filter is 3-month pleated. It has an MPR of 1000 that equates to MERV 11. The manufacturer suggests changing your home air filter every 90 days for 1″ filter, and every 12 months for 4″ and 5″ filter. It offers a filter change reminder program for its consumers. It has the qualities of purifying equivalent to Aerostar filters. It is formulated to attract and trap a wide variety of polluting substances and is the best furnace filter for dust control. It carries positive HVAC filter reviews.


Washable: Filtrete AC furnace filters are washable.

Electrostatics: The technology used in it traps dust, mite, debris, and stops it from spreading.

Efficient: MERV rates higher than 10 are absolutely the best a filter can offer.

Durability: They last up to 3 months.

Flexibility: It has flexible borders that fit in a challenging area.


Home only: This furnace AC filter is mainly designed for residential purposes only.

Sneeze particles: It does not remove cough and sneeze particles.

Virus control: It doesn’t have bacteria and virus controlling features.

  6  Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter

Filtrete MPR 1000 DP 20x25x4

Filtrate DP Furnace Air Filter pull in & trap all the unwanted particles such as pet dander and dust from the flowing air that passes through the filter. This is a pack of two measuring 20 × 25 × 4 inches. This is almost similar to the other product from Filtrete listed above. The difference is in size. It comes with a larger size. It also contains Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value 11, and the MPR rate is 1000. This is made with fiberglass, non-electrostatic material that lasts up to three months. And the best part about this is, it is washable. This furnace filter is the best furnace filter for allergies and is admirably effective indoors.


Allergens: This works great for people with allergies.

Washable: This air filter is washable.

Efficient: The minimum efficiency reporting value is impressive at 11.

Pet dander: This works well for pet owners.

Electrostatic: Electrostatically charged air filters like this are more durable than other comparatives.


Size: It is smaller than the indicated size.

Exhaust particles: It does not capture exhaust particles.

Limited use: This can only be used for home purposes.


Q1. What is the Best Furnace Filter?

A1. All the good furnace filters can filter the air and make the entire environment health-friendly. To enter the race of best-rated furnace filters, your furnace filter must have the following qualities when you buy them:


MERV is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This is a reliable measurement developed by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers). The higher MERV rate provides better filtration. The best MERV is higher than 10.


The best Micro-Particle Performance aka MPR for a furnace filter lies between 1500 to 1900.


To trap particles and bacteria, a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is important in an air filter. Such a HEPA furnace filter reviews the quality of your air indoors to clean it effectively.


Always check the furnace filter ratings. The higher Filter Performance Rating, i.e., FPR the finer the performance.

Q2. What is the most common size furnace filter?

A2. Furnace filters come in a wide range of common and standard sizes with different brand names and types. The most common furnace filters are about 1 to 6 inches in depth. And common size are:
10 X 20, 12 X 12, 16 X 24, 18 X 30,14 X 20, 14 X 24, 16 X 25, 18 X 20, 20 X 25, 12 X 30, 15 X 20, 18 X 24, 20 X 30, 12 X 36, 20 X 20, 12 X 20, 14 X 25, 18 X 18, 20 X 24, 12 X 24, 14 X 30, 16 X 20, 18 X 25, 4 X 24, and 25 X 25.

Q3. Is a furnace filter the same as an air filter?

A3. Both of the systems work the same. The air-handler is the area your air filter resides. So, if your home has a separate heating unit and a cooling unit- yes, a furnace filter is the same as an air filter. And, if your home has central heat and air conditioning – Again Yes. In homes that require moderate heating and cooling, in which a heat pump may be installed for your AC or heating unit, that heat pump uses the same air-handler and the same compressor. So it’s again yes, they both are the same. While the air filter removes dust, bacteria, germ, and allergens, the furnace filter does almost the same job.

Q4. How often should you change your furnace filter?

A4. As a standard, you must change a 1 to 2 inches furnace filter at least every three months. A 4-inches filter needs replacement every six months, and a 5-inches furnace filter needs to be changed every 12 months.

However, these are just rules of thumb. But as we know the fact that every home contracts a unique amount of pollutants, dust, dirt, allergens, and pet dander. So it becomes dependent on some factors when to change filter:

Your home is more dusty than normal.

The filter seems to be dirty and you can’t even see the material of the furnace itself.

You find out some strange smells such as a burning smell near the filter.

Your heating or cooling system is running more frequently than normal.

Apart from this, if you have pets in your home; if you or someone in your home smokes; if you frequently open windows or doors; if you have a heater fan; or if you or anyone in your home is allergic, you are required to replace the filter more frequently. Staying mindful that this appliance is to make your air fresh and healthy, you must change it when the need arises.

Q5. What happens when you don’t change your furnace filter?

A5. A furnace filter is meant to cleanse the air inside your home or your surroundings always. But like every product, they are not designed to work forever. They are regularly in contact with dirt and dust, and they capture them. A furnace filter comes with time validity. As for a one-inch furnace filter, three months are enough to work. After that, they start to fail. So, if you don’t change your furnace filter they will no longer be able to filter the air properly. It will get clogged, and air will not pass through it.

With AC filters, reviews must be performed regularly to check for any contaminants and dust getting into the AC. These particles jam the motor and valves of the AC. Furnace filters are available in cardboard frames and metal frames. The cardboard one with paper filters is disposable, and the metal frame filters can be reused after washing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You must follow the product’s instructions to increase their longevity.

Q6. Is it OK to run a furnace without a filter?

A6. It becomes critical to use a furnace without a filter. However, if you run a furnace filter for one night, that’s quite okay. But if you are using it for a long time, it traps more particles and they accumulate inside your heating or air conditioning machine.

The main reason you should not run a furnace without a filter is that your furnace can get broken anytime. And the air that is filled with contaminants is dangerous to breathe in. You will be forced to breathe poor quality air. The debris will compile inside the ductwork, by getting trapped in the ribbed aluminum tubes.

Additionally, the clogged air can lead to expensive bills, poor air, overheated furnace, and worn-down HVAC system. Thus, it is not OK to run a furnace without a filter.

Q7. How do I know the size of my furnace filter?

A7. A furnace filter is a must for a clean and pure home environment. There are various sizes available for the same product on Amazon. If you choose the inappropriate size, it might be a waste of money and health. You can choose a perfect size for your furnace filter by following these steps:

Step 1:

Take a measuring tape and get the exact dimension by yourself or you can find the dimensions on your air conditioning machine or heating machine. They are written as l×w×b i.e. 18×20×4. Lay it on the floor and measure from top to bottom for length, left to right for width, and front to back for depth. The result should be three numbers in inches.

Step 2:

When shopping for an air furnace filter, you will find two dimensions as ‘Nominal dimension’ and ‘Actual dimension’. The reason for this difference is that if the filter offered is a bit off by the filter, it will still fit in it. You must go by the actual size.

Step 3:

If the above-mentioned steps don’t work, resort to this last option. You should directly contact your air conditioning manufacturer or can refer to the product manual. They will help you out.


Outside elements such as pollution, seasonal allergens, and dust affect the indoor environment and pollute the air inside your home. It is no less harmful to an individual than outdoor contaminated air. Rather it is 2 to 5 times worse than the outside air. For breathing in a healthy environment, you need to filter your HVAC system with one of the best HVAC filters available out there.

With the above furnace air filter comparison, we tried to present a guideline to help you buy your next best furnace filter. We have also enlisted the requirements to buy a perfect furnace filter and how to use it.

From sizes, types, and designs to the do’s and don’ts, we have covered almost everything in this article. We tried to make it a short Wikipedia of a furnace filter. Measure the size of your home filter requirements, find suitable material, and choose from the best furnace filter brands. And you get the best furnace air filter for your home or office to breathe stress-free.

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