All About Vacuum Cleaners

All About Vacuum Cleaners

Mopping up is not exactly a pleasurable job, but you have to do it every day. Cleaning every corner of your home can be tiresome. If you’re also the one who hates the exhausting after-feeling of cleaning chores, you already know how much you need a vacuum cleaner.

To add some ease and simplification in your daily household operations, it is a must to have a vacuum cleaner that makes it possible. Having a vacuum cleaner not fit for your needs can rather mess your cleaning process more.

To help you not fall for the trap, we have compiled everything about vacuum cleaners. Before buying a vacuum, you must know what a vacuum cleaner is, how it works, what are the different types of vacuum cleaners, which kind of vacuums are suitable for you, and how a vacuum cleaner can ease your regular cleaning operations.

Today, vacuum cleaners do not only pick up debris. They are much more than that with a whole array of advanced features. These features are upgraded every day, only to simplify your daily tasks. So, let’s make life easier.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is your best mate in cleaning. It can be defined as an electric appliance that has a great suction power to suck and pick up the dirt, dust, pollutants, allergens, hair, pet danders, and other debris from the floor. This product picks all such particles from the floor or furniture and takes it to the garbage bag attached to it. It has a different appearance depending on varied types. The vacuum cleaner has motors, baggage, hoses, filters, brushes as its main parts.

How do you spell vacuum cleaner?

For many, spelling a vacuum cleaner is as tough as cleaning without it. So, can you spell vacuum cleaner? Is it a vacuum cleaner, vaccuum cleaner, or vacume cleaner? It’s important to know how to spell vacuum cleaner in English (spelled as so) if you are going to use one. Spelling it is a common mistake that is made by most people. Even if you ask me how do I spell vacuum cleaner, I would have to say sometimes I spell vacuum cleaner as vaccum cleaner, as that was the first spelling we all expected it to have.

Vacuum cleaner got its name from the word ‘vacuum’ means a device that ‘sucks’, and the word cleaner for its ability to suck the dust and dirt. The correct spelling is ‘vacuum’ and rest are all incorrect. So next time when someone asks you how to spell vacuum cleaner, you know the correct answer.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

After having learned the literal basics, the spelling, of the vacuum, it’s time to move further; the various types of vacuum cleaners in the market. There are numerous kinds of vacuum cleaners out there but to save your precious time, we’ll discuss only the practical and relevant ones. No fancy and impractical knowledge here.

What is a stick vacuum cleaner?

The time has become past when vacuum cleaners used to be bulky and hard to handle. As the technology is growing rapidly vacuum cleaners have become handy. One of the most tractable vacuum cleaners is a stick vacuum cleaner.

Introduction to Stick Vacuum

A stick vacuum is the one that allows you to roam around your house while cleaning. Most of the stick vacuums are cordless stick vacuums. These types of vacuums run on a battery. Though corded stick vacuums are also available and have a long battery time, cordless stick vacuum cleaners can help to vacuum every nook and corner of your home. Be it furniture or floor, these vacuums work wonders. The only disadvantage of cordless stick vacuums is that they need to be charged regularly. Since they run on battery, they have limited power supply for a fixed time. Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are also known as a rechargeable stick vacuum.

Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

Another type of stick vacuum is an easy home cordless cyclonic stick vacuum. These stick vacuums are easy to use at home but have strict instructions rulebook to follow. Easy home cordless cyclonic stick vacuums are shaped cyclonic and run on a rechargeable battery. This vacuum comes with the main body, a set of two brushes, a dust canister with filters, a charger, a removable battery, and a user manual.

This cordless stick vacuum requires cleaning after each operation. Cleaning instructions of this stick vacuum include not to put a single drop of water on the main body. Read the guidelines carefully when you have bought an easy home cordless cyclonic stick vacuum.

Miele Stick Vacuum

Another best option for a stick vacuum is Miele Stick Vacuum. The best part about the Miele stick vacuum is they are cordless and arrive ready to use. You don’t have to charge the Miele stick vacuum cleaner for the first use like other stick vacuums. These rechargeable stick vacuum cleaners have high-capacity suction power and a flexible body to move easily.

Stick Vacuum vs Upright

According to the consumer reports, stick vacuums are great to use as a secondary source of cleaning. They are easy to handle and maintain. Also, being compact, they can be stored anywhere. When talking about stick vacuum vs upright vacuum, consumer reports stick vacuum not as powerful as the upright vacuum cleaners. But both of them have their unique features and both are effective for regular cleaning. One is good for heavy chores and the other is great for light operations.

As per stick vacuum reviews, you can go with a stick vacuum if you are looking for an easy to handle, portable, flexible, and quick cleaner. And it consumes less storage space in your home. Stick vacuums are best for low pile carpet, rugs, bare floors, furniture, and corners.

What is a wet dry vacuum cleaner?

Wet/dry vac, a one well-known and well-designed vacuum cleaner, is meant for industrial use. This vacuum cleaner has the distinct versatility of cleaning wet and dry debris. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is just a regular vacuum cleaner with the advanced feature of cleaning liquid and dry mess. You can use a wet/dry vac inside your home or at your workplace. In this type of vacuum, there are two wet dry vac filters; one a foam filter for liquid trash and another, a paper filter for dry trash. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners have two separate buckets for storage. These buckets separate different kinds of debris. This compartmentalization makes it safe for liquid cleaning.

What are the best types of wet/dry vac?

While buying a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, choose the best portable wet dry vac. This type of vacuum will allow you to have a single vacuum for your home and workplace. You can easily move it around and take it from one place to another. Another option in the same category is the wet-dry hand vacuum. You can use this vacuum as a handheld device. It is easy to use and carry.

Wet/dry vac is also available in automotive operations. Wet dry auto vacuums can make your cleaning process the easiest. You’ll never have to worry about the switches again. These vacuums have inbuilt sensors for automatic detection. Sears wet dry vacuums are one with a high-power cleaning effect in this category.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with wet dry vac lowes and wet dry vac attachments. You can change the attachment as per operation. They have different attachments for wet and dry cleaning.

The best part of the wet/dry vac is they are wonderful for carpet cleaning. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner for carpet has special features included to run on rugs and low-pile carpets.

What is a canister vacuum cleaner?

When you are looking for an all-in-one vacuum cleaner, a canister vacuum can be the best result of your search. If you are thinking that ‘what is a canister vacuum?’, we have got you covered. These types of vacuum cleaners are versatile in functionality and design. They have high maneuverability. Canister vacuums have a cylinder mounted on wheels with a motor pump and a container or bag for trash storage. They have a suction nozzle with hose and pipe that delivers suction power.

Canister vs upright

Upright vacuum cleaners are a traditional type of vacuums and have been in use for a long time. They are cheaper than canister vacuum cleaners. Whereas though more expensive, canister vacuums are more powerful and hence, popular today. In consumer reports vacuum that covers varied vacuum types, the canister vacuum is ranked better in cleaning floors and carpets. In canister vs upright vacuums, canisters are undoubtedly the bulkier ones.

• Canister vacuums are quieter than upright vacuum cleaners.
• You have to bend to use a canister vacuum, but not for an upright vacuum.
• Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to store whereas canister vacuums need a lot of storage space.

What is a good canister vacuum cleaner?

When you want the best canister vacuum, there are some factors you must always consider. Firstly, think about what type of flooring you have. When you want an all-rounder vacuum that is capable of cleaning bare floors, sofa sets, carpets and rugs, furniture, and even stairs, these are some of the most flexible types of vacuums.

• The best canister vacuums are those that have HEPA filters. Most of the canister vacuums are HEPA certified vacuums.
• A good canister vacuum is a bagged one.
• The best canister vacuum has a motorized powerhead for powerful suction.
• Go for a canister vacuum that is flexible enough for hard floors as well as the carpets.

The answer to what is the best canister vacuum cleaner for pet hair is ‘the one with strong suction power’. Picking up pet danders is a problematic task as average suction is never enough. Choose the best canister vacuum for pet hair that has floor attachment and motorized brush bar. You can also go for the one that has a turbo brush.

You will always know what is the best sears canister vacuum cleaner by checking its functionalities. While shopping for a Sears vacuum, canister one is worth your consideration. The best part of a canister vacuum cleaner is that you can use them on the stairs, as you don’t have to lift the whole heavy device. The hose in the canister provides you the advantage of long reach.

Are bagless vacuum cleaners better?

Vacuum cleaners are featured in such a range that a consumer may fog while buying one. Generally, all the major vacuum cleaners come with a bag to store the debris. But as technology grew, bags seemed to disappear.

Then arose the biggest argument of bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaners. Let’s see who wins rationally.

Bagged vs bagless vacuum

The main difference between bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaners lies in the way you expel the dust.

Pros of Bagless Vacuums

  1. A bagless vacuum is cost-efficient whereas, in the case of a bagged vacuum, you need a brand new bag every time.
  2. You need to empty the bag more often to maintain the power of the vacuum. On the other hand, a bagless vacuum does not bother you with such a task. The bagged vacuums limit the suction power when a bag is full.
  3. Bagless vacuum cleaners are an eco-friendly option as they don’t require a plastic disposal bag unlike the bagged ones.
  4. A bagless vacuum cleaner is a popular choice among customers for its level of hygiene.

Cons of Bagless Vacuums

Bagless vacuum cleaners are also crippled with their set of issues.

  1. Bagless vacuum cleaners are messier than the bagged ones. When you are to dump the dirt out from the cup, it is more likely to stick on your hands, resulting in compromise of your health and hygiene.
  2. When you have a bagged vacuum, all you have to do is take out the bag and empty it. But it’s not that easy with the bagless vacuum cleaners. They are more time-consuming in terms of this task. The cups of bagless models need careful cleaning followed up by proper drying.
  3. This one is a major disadvantage and can double-up your trouble; when you are about to empty the cup, the dust particles blowback in the air and they are more likely to spread allergens around your home.

So bagless vacuum cleaners are not the right choice for people with allergies. Most of the bagless models are bagless stick vacuums.

More About Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

• Best bagless vacuum cleaners are those that feature HEPA filters for complete cleaning. This type of vacuum cleaners doesn’t reduce the suction power when the dust canister is full.
• Bagless shop vacs prove powerful for heavy jobs. They are meant for outside use and can pick large particles effectively. For the best commercial vacuum cleaner, bagless option still stays unbeatable.
• The industry leaders, Hoover bagless vacuums, are available in a great range with a lot of advanced features. You can find bagless wet dry vac in Hoover bagless vacuums as wet/dry vacs are the most suitable for all kinds of dirt collection.
• According to best bagless vacuum reviews, Oreck Touch is a long-trusted brand for bagless vacuum cleaners and provides a power-performance.


Vacuum cleaners are no more a comfort item, it has become a necessity for millennials. And with no time even to research about every kind of vacuum out there, this vacuum cleaner guide might help you sail through your next best vacuum pick.

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