5 Best Wall Mount Lighting Reviews

5 Best Wall Mount Lighting Reviews

Looking for a solution for bedside lighting? Or looking for a retouch to your ambiance and add sparkles to your decor? A wall mount lighting can be your savior in both. Hearing “Wall Light”, the first thing that pops up into people’s minds is an ornamental sconce that delivers little useful illumination beyond an accent light. Certainly, this application is important to add glaze to your decoration. But they also provide necessary illumination for reading, writing, crafting, sketching, working on a computer, proper task management, and safety.

Wall lights cover a small area to illuminate enough to let you focus on your activity. Wall lights can be applied in any room of your home; indoor or outdoor. They can work around ceiling lights, in the bathroom, in the office, or even in a craft room. A wall light is a practical replacement of the traditional desk lamp that entangles wires around you. Also, your activities can be better displayed under a clear light. Apart from this, outdoor lights are used for security purposes on porch areas.

Top 5 Wall Mount Lighting 2020

The wall lights are most commonly used for bookworms. A passionate reader wants the focused illumination on his book. The reading lights are invented just for them. By researching tonnes of best-rated wall mounting lights, we have created a concise of only the finest wall mount lightings out there. Let’s go through them all in detail.


Ledhopp Modern Wall Sconce with 7W LED G9

        • -Power source
        • -Eye-protecting.
        • -Easy to install.
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HomeFocus USB LED Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp Light

    • -Customizable.
    • -USB port.
    • -Lifespan.
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HomeFocus Bedside Wall Lamp Light with Outlet

      • -Charging outlet.
      • -Easy to switch.
      • -Wattage.
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Globe Electric Berkeley 1-Light Plug-In or Hardwire Swing

    • -Inexpensive.
    • -Easy to operate.
    • -Easy to mount.
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QUANS 3 Color Changeable 10 Level Dimmable Flexible

  • -Color changeable.
  • -Strongly held.
  • -USB compatible.
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  1  Ledhopp Modern Wall Sconce

Ledhopp Modern Wall Sconce with 7W LED G9

This obscure wall sconce reading light can emphatically fit with any bedroom dècor. It gives a simple, sleek addition to the experience of a fan of reading in bed. The sconce is manufactured with gypsum plaster material and has a G9 LED bulb. This modern designed wall-mount light provides a brightness of 710 lumens with 7 watt’s wattage and 110V voltage. The color temperature is 2700k. The product weighs 2 pounds and has dimensions of 7.1 × 5.1 × 3.9 inches. One of the best parts about this is that it doesn’t require a battery to run, it’s an energy savior. A corded electric power-sourced light gives downlight directional illumination. It is one of the best among the plug-in wall mounted reading lights.
To install this sconce, drill 2 holes on the wall according to the size of the lamp holder, then use 2 screws to install the lamp holder on the wall. Now, connect the wires into your home circuit. Next, insert the lamp into the lamp socket and fasten it with a screw.
The light is easy to install and a plus point is that it can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally. You just need to decide how you want it. This feature secures its position among the best ‘LED wall reading lights’. This modern light can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kid’s rooms, staircases, kitchens, corridors, hallways, or restaurants. This adds beauty to the view. If there is an issue with the product, the manufacturer offers 24-hours customer service.


Power source: This wall-mounted light for bed requires no battery.

Eye-protecting: The G9 LED bulb protects the eyes.

Easy to install: The installation process is easy.

Green material: The gypsum material is natural and pollution-free.

Warranty: It offers a 12-months warranty.

Dual-mount: It can be mounted horizontal or vertical to complement your decor.


Fragile: You have to be careful as the plaster material is a little brittle.

Not adjustable: It’s a static mounting light and cannot be swung.

Wattage: 7-watts wattage is too little for reading light.

  2  Homefocus LED Wall Lamp Light

HomeFocus USB LED Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp Light

This is the next generation wall-mount light to customize your reading experience as per your comfort. This lamp light is USB convenient and swingarm design is made for perfectly relaxed and leisurely reading time. When you are just tired and don’t want to go to a light, this wall-mounted flexible reading light will come to you. The size of this light is 22″× 4 ½” × 5 ½”. It features one USB port and an on/off switch. The swing art is 180° which is fully adjustable making it the best flexible LED reading light wall mount. The light is made up of metal which makes it look elegant.

Talking about light sources, it has LED COB 5 watts and 3000K soft warm white light. The voltage is safe and low, for input: 100-240V; for output: DC 10V 500mA. It features both plug-in and hand-wired installation. It is among the best wall-mounted reading lamps.


Customizable: You can swing this light in any way as per your requirements.

USB port: You can use the USB port to charge your electronics.

Lifespan: This reading wall light has a lifespan of 30000 – 50000 hours of use.

Easy to mount: These lights can be easily mounted.

Replacement to a desktop lamp: It provides the perfect focused illumination to replace a desktop lamp.


Too much swing: Some users faced trouble in holding it in a certain position.

Irreplaceable LED: Though the life of the LED is 30000-50000 working hours, in case they stop working due to any defect, they can’t be replaced.

Limited area coverage: The light is great for small areas, but it doesn’t illuminate the larger one that bright.

  3  Homefocus Bedside Wall Lamp Light

HomeFocus Bedside Wall Lamp Light with Outlet

When you want to free up your nightstand, try installing this bedside wall lamp by Homefocus. While it gives perfect illumination for your reading, it also gives a professional vibe to your bedroom. It secured the top position in our ‘wall mounted reading light bedroom’ list. With a white fabric shade and a satin nickel finish, it oozes style. And giving-off warm white lighting, it proves its high functionality. The size of this lamp is 7 × 5.2 × 11 inches.

With 120 volts, it has a maximum compatible wattage of 60 watts. It requires no battery and has a rocker switch for turning on/ off. You can choose between a hardware installation or a plugin type. This lamp is not customizable like the one from Homefocus, described above. This is static and does not swing around. But it is practical enough to be worth its price. The lamp is eye-catching and suitable for home and hotel living spaces or bedside walls. It is among the best wall mounted lamps for bedroom.


Charging outlet: You can charge your other devices with this outlet.

Easy to switch: The on/off switch is on the faceplate which makes it easy to operate.

Wattage: It features an admirable wattage for reading.

Changeable lampshade: You can change the lampshade if you desire to.

Dual-installation: This wall-mounted light for bedroom can be hard-wired or plugged-in, as per your preference.


Bulb not included: For this lamp, you have to buy the bulb separately.

Yellow lighting: Even with a bright daylight bulb, it gives yellow lighting.

Delicate screws: The light is perfect but the screws are a bit delicate and need to be handled with care.

  4  Globe Electric Berkeley Wall Sconce

Globe Electric Berkeley 1-Light Plug-In or Hardwire Swing

To match with any type of wall decor, this swing arm light is luscious. It features an adjustable swing arm and pivoting head. For installation, you have to hang this sconce on the provided swag hooks and plugin. This light has been designed with versatility. It requires an E26/Medium Base 60W bulb. And it also works well with a LED bulb. The item weighs 2.42 pounds, with a size of 15.9 × 7.5 × 5.8 inches. It is made of metal and has a matte finish. The electric cord cable wire is 40 inches long. The voltage is 120 volts and the wattage is 60 watts. This light never dims and has received many positive Wall Mount Lighting Reviews.

The special feature of this is its adjustability. The package arrives with wall sconce, mounting hardware, and an instruction sheet. It doesn’t require a battery. The fixture of this swing arm light is too good and a quick solution to adding illumination to an area. This light is recommended when someone needs a light at a desk or coffee nook.


Inexpensive: This lamp doesn’t cost much.

Easy to operate: Centered on/off switch makes it easy to operate.

Easy to mount: For mounting, you are just required to hang this wall-mounted reading light with cord through the provided hooks.

Sturdy: The light is well made with a sturdy metal material.

Adjustable: When you want to free up some space from your bedside, this works.


No bulb: For this lamp, you have to buy the bulb separately.

Warranty: LED wall-mount reading light comes with no warranty.

Limited swing: You may not be able to rotate it to your desired position since it has a limited swing.

  5  QUANS Dimmable Wall Mount Light

QUANS 3 Color Changeable 10 Level Dimmable Flexible

This reading light is a pro at customizations. QUANS Dimmable Wall Mount Light is made to illuminate your bedside, with 10-level of wide range illuminations. The light has 3-in-1 color temperatures for variety. The three colors are cool; white, warm white, and warm + cool white. This can be adjusted with it’s 360° gooseneck. Made with aluminum, the light is 19 inches long. The round shape allows you to keep it in any position that fits your needs. The brightness rate of this light is 0-270 lumens, 0-3 watts. The power source used in this is SMD 3528 LED. CCT for cool white light is 6000-6500K, and for warm white is 3000-3500K.

It features a 55-inches and 5V USB input port with adaptor being part of the purchase package for power-sourcing. Its installation on headboards, wooden boards or wall surface mounting is easy without any wire. The light is CCC, CE, and RoHS certified. This light can be applied for bedside reading, wall-mount reading, or work light, for wall display, living room, kitchens, lounges, and bedroom. The light is meant for indoors only and has secured the topmost position in our ‘wall mounted reading lights bedside’ list. It comes with a one-year warranty.


Color changeable: You can choose the colors according to your mood.

Strongly held: The light is strong enough to hold and maintain any position.

USB compatible: The USB input is compatible with laptops, power banks, USB hubs, and more.

Warranty: If the lamp faces any quality problem within a year, it can be replaced.

Works with Alexa: This light can be turned on and off without hitting the switch. You can command Alexa to shut off the light.


Multiple-switches: It has 4 different switches for power, color, brighter, and dimmer.

Brightness: Though the brightness level is good for reading, it seems less for other tasks.

Dimmer: Some users face trouble using dim mode.

Buying Guide for best wall mount lights

Having known the varied features of wall mount lights by now from the above list, let’s have a quick summary of the buying guide.

Purpose of the light

The right fixture for any appliance is necessary. To select an impressive wall mount light that matches your interior decide the purpose of why you need a wall mount light. Mostly they are decorative, so you might want it to provide general light or you may need it for your reading activities.

Brightness level

After this, decide the amount of illumination you require. This will help in determining the luminous for your wall light and the number of wall sconces you need in your room or hall.

Installation type

Users also opt for a wall mount sconce by preferring it’s fitting. Wall mount lights are available in options of plugging and hardwire. Get a wall light that matches your fixture requirements. The most important fact to keep in mind is to pick the light that is good at your eye level.

Color tone

The color and wattage must be friendly to your eyes.

Complements decor

Lastly, choose a light that matches your room’s style and interior. Decorating your home is an endless experience. Add some extra glittering to your interior. For a stronger effect and imposing look, you can pair up wall mount lights because some sconce works great when paired. It’s not just keeping them next to each other. You can be creative with this step.


Q1. Which light is best for reading?

A1. Reading does exhaust your eyes. For a comfortable reading at night, you must have a perfect reading lamp. Here are some points to consider while buying a reading light:

Reading needs a focused bright light. Make sure the brightness level is good enough.

Age factor: The older eyes demand more light for reading. Medically, the people in their 60’s need 80% more light than the people in their 20’s. So, keep it in mind for whom you are buying these lights.

Experts say that halogen and fluorescent bulbs are perfect for reading.

Keep your book or other material 14 inches away from your eyes. And make sure the light illuminates in this position.

Books lights that are designed for travel are extra portable. This saves you the cost and hassle of finding a separate light for reading while you are globetrotting.

Some lights come with rechargeable batteries and some others with removable batteries. An important thing to take note of is how long it holds a charge. Find the one preferred by you.

Talking about types, these 3 lights are good for reading:

1. Dimmable Light
2. Evenly Distributed Light
3. Brighter Starker Light

Q2. How to mount an LED wall light into a wall?

A2. To affixing a LED wall light into a wall, you have to follow these simple steps:

First, cut the power at the main circuit breaker to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Arrange the necessary tools: wire cutter/ stripper, screwdriver, and wire nuts.

Now mount the vanity bracket to the junction box.

Make sure the junction box is rated for the weight of the vanity.

Strip the wires and connect them using the wire nuts.

Connect ground to ground, negative to negative, and positive to positive.

Consult the wiring diagram that came with your fixtures to confirm polarity and ground.

Now, the vanity bracket is securely mounted and wired, push the wires into the junction box, and install the vanity.

After this, attach fabric or glass shades to the fixture.

Attaching shades after installing reduces the risk of damaging the shades.

Now install your LED that is comfortably rated with the vanity.

Head back to the circuit breaker and flip the power on.

Use a switch to turn the light on.

Q3. Why light wall mount only?

A3. Wall mount lights give you flexibility and stability. Once you mount a light on your wall, you’re free from any complex installation. Besides, when you keep a lamp beside your bed, it might not be stable and the fear of it falling will always be there.

Compared to the lamp’s light, wall-mounted lights cover a larger area and will illuminate from above. A lamp will only illuminate the side where it is kept against the wall mount light which will illuminate all over.

Q4. How to rotate an outdoor wall light mount?

A4. There are two options to rotate an outdoor wall mount light. The most simple thing to do is to rotate it manually to direct the light according to your needs. The second option is available in many modern lights in the form of remote control. You can conveniently rotate your light with a remote. You will have to enquire about this option while purchasing the wall mount light.

Q5. How to mount an outdoor wall light?

A5. Mounting an Outdoor Wall-Mount Light is something you can do yourself with a few basic tools. Here are the easy steps:

Decide where you want to mount a light and prepare the location by marking it.

Switch off the power supply from the main circuit for safety.

Open the wall electric box, and find the circuit wires.

Separate black, white, and copper wire using wire strippers.

Hold your new light fixture close to the box.

Connect the wires in this pattern – black to black and white to white.

Connect the green wire with the copper wire from the box.

Twist both ends of each pair of wires together.

Use wire connectors to cover the connector point for each pair.

If the light has a mounting plate, fix it to the wall box by screws.

Hold the base of the new light against the wall matching with screw holes in the fixture with the holes in the mounting plate.

Fasten the screws.

Mount a waterproof gasket and fit in the light bulb.

Q6. What color is best for reading?

A6. Technically, the color temperature for wall mounted LED reading lights for bedroom should be less than 3000K. When we talk about just reading, light blue and light yellow colors are proven paper colors. They are the easiest to read. These two colors are good to choose for a long period of reading and all the pens and markers show up easily in these color tones.
As a pro tip, never go with neon bright colors for reading as they contribute to eye fatigue and you may not be able to focus the paper.

Q7. What wattage of light bulb is best for reading?

A7. In terms of reading, the best wattage ranges from 40 to 60 watts. So choose wall mounted desk lamps with 60-80 watts light for a detail-oriented task and a 60-watt light for screen works such as computers, laptops, etc.


When you have a consummate wall mount light, it becomes convenient for you to read at night or complete any other activity that you want with focused light. The light must be bright enough as not to stress your eyes. Choose a light in which words are visible.

Presently, there is a gorgeous range of designer and modern lights to fit in any atmosphere. All you need is to find your favorite one. With all the pros and cons, we’ve tried our best to review only the best products to reduce your research time. We hope that our buying guide helps you find the one that meets your needs well.

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